We like to spoil you. Want a box set of vinyl and a CD for £20? Well...

Starting this weekend, we are giving you the chance to pick up our beautiful, multi-coloured 'Xtra Mile Single Sessions Tenth Anniversary Vinyl Box Set' for as little as a fiver (and one penny) when bought with selected CD albums. The albums are:

Jamie Lenman and box set bundle.jpg

Beans On Toast - Giving Everything 
Chris T-T - The Bear
Crazy Arm - The Southern Wild
Jamie Lenman - Muscle Memory
Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun - Death
Larry and His Flask - By the Lamplight
Möngöl Hörde - Möngöl Hörde
To Kill A King - Cannibals With Cutlery [Deluxe Edition]

Each bundle is £20 and is a certified bargain. This offer won't be on forever, so take advantage and stock up on some of our precious back catalogue while getting a gorgeous collectible (with some excellent music on it) for a great price too.

The box set has a track from each of the selected albums (this is how we chose them!), except for Beans On Toast's contribution. Möngöl Hörde's box set track is the demo version of 'How the Communists Ruined Christmas', different from the album version.

The 7" vinyl box set includes:
'Xtra Mile Single Sessions 5' 
Side X - Chris T-T And the Hoodrats - 'The Bear'
Side T - To Kill A King - 'Rays'

'Xtra Mile Single Sessions 6'
Side R - Larry And His Flask - 'The Battle For Clear Sight'
Side A - Beans On Toast - 'Deadline'

'Xtra Mile Single Sessions 7'
Side M - Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun - 'Wilderness of a Wild Youth'
Side I -  Crazy Arm - 'Remembrance'

'Xtra Mile Single Sessions 8'
Side L - Mongol Horde - 'How The Communists Ruined Christmas'
Side E - Jamie Lenman - 'Fizzy Blood'
               Jamie Lenman - 'Pretty Please'


Xtra Mile Recordings will release Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 5: Smokin’ (Signed vs Unsigned) - the fifth installment of the critically acclaimed label compilation series - on 11 August 2014. 

Split into two halves, this digital only compilation features almost every act on Xtra Mile Recordings’ roster on ‘Side A’ and an unsigned act of their choosing on ‘Side B’.

Showcasing the diversity of Xtra Mile’s musical leanings, Side A features the caustic title track from Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me!; the cannonball barrage of Möngöl Hörde’s ‘Blistering Blue Barnacles’; the unmistakable roots groove of Sonic Boom Six’s ‘A Little Bit of Reggae’, and the unplugged wordplay of Ben Marwood’s ‘They Will Float Your Body Out To Sea’. You’ll get pop highs off of Rob Lynch, gruff bluntness from Beans On Toast, and synth-laden pop from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. You’ll hear from our newer signees like Billy the Kid and one of our oldest friends, Jamie Lenman. The whole spectrum.

Our acts are always discovering new music and ‘Side B’ - in keeping with Xtra Mile’s constant search and support for new and unsigned acts - comprises their recommendations of emerging artists. Included are the sublime Spring Offensive, The Lion & the Wolf, The Karma Party, Toucans, Grace Petrie & the Benefits Culture, Little Rob and The Mob and many, many more.

Joining the unsigned half of the compilation are International Departures who won the final spot with their track ‘Give Me Something’, voted for by our dedicated Xtra Mile Street Team from hundreds of entries sent to us last month. Like bumping into a dear friend unexpectedly, it turns out Henry Carden – formerly of Dartz! alongside William Anderson of current XMR band, Algiers – is the man behind International Departures.

The artwork is a snapshot taken of an active volcano and is in keeping with all previous plane/sky/space themed XMHC volume front covers. This naturally gave rise to the so-obvious-it’s-not-even-funny compilation title: Smokin’.

Look out for an XMR Hub feature which will include our bands’ reasons for choosing their unsigned counterparts and other fun Smokin’ related things.

The Xtra Mile High Club series, proudly shows off the breadth of talent on its eclectic roster. Welcome to the club… 

Full tracklisting is below:

Side A – Xtra Mile                                             

1. Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
2. Cheap Girls - Man In Question
3. Northcote - Counting Down The Days
4. Ben Marwood - They Will Float Your Body Out To Sea (Alternate Version)
5. Rob Lynch - My Friends and I
6. Billy the Kid - Yet
7. To Kill A King - Cold Skin
8. Algiers - Little Friction
9. Retrospective Soundtrack Players - Smart Girls For Talking, Morons For Dancing (Live) 
10. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - As Always
11. Mull Historical Society - Why Do They Go So Soon (Home Demo)
12. Beans On Toast - Sold Out Shows
13. Crazy Arm - Black Canyon
14. Jon Snodgrass - "Song For The Groom's Friend, the friend who is the actual guy conducting the ceremony” (Exclusive Version)
15. Chris T-T & The Hoodrats - A Beaten Drum (piano version, live at St Paul's Lifestyle)
16. Franz Nicolay & The Cut Ups - To Us, The Beautiful
17. Drag The River - Marooned
18. Sonic Boom Six - A Little Bit Of Reggae
19. Jamie Lenman - Shower of Scorn
20. Oxygen Thief - con.script.shun
21. Möngöl Hörde - Blistering Blue Barnacles

Side B - Unsigned

1. The Frankl Project - A Day At The Races
2. Failures’ Union - Hard To Sea
3. Kayleigh Goldsworthy - Tennessee
4. Quiet Quiet Band - Hunter's Moon
5. The Lion & the Wolf - Ghosts On Trinity
6. PJ Bond - I'm In A Bad Way
7. Spring Offensive - Speak 
8. Toucans – Welcome To Lovers House
9. CG Whitear - Tokyo Drizzle
10. International Departures - Give Me Something (XMR competition winners)
11. Sorren Maclean - Either Way (feat. Roddy Woomble)
12. Little Rob and The Mob - Oaths
13. Brunel - Score Sheet
14. Gasoline Heart - Love Let Her Go
15. Grace Petrie & The Benefits Culture - The Redundancy Hymn
16. Emilyn Brodsky - Someone Belongs Here
17. Jonathan Coody - I Just Gotta Know
18. The Karma Party - World War
19. CeCe - These Four Walls
20. Strange Planes - Sharpen Your Teeth
21. Samoans - The Moth


Reuben’s debut album Racecar is Racecar Backwards turned 10 on 21 June 2014 and to celebrate a decade of its joyful existence, Xtra Mile Recordings is releasing a two disc deluxe edition of the album later this year.

Disc one contains the original 16 song album, while disc two is crammed full of completely unreleased radio sessions, demos, and interviews. They will be packaged together with new artwork, photographs and a booklet all commemorating this acclaimed debut album.

Tracklisting and artwork will be revealed nearer the release date.

Original  Racecar is Racecar Backwards  artwork

Original Racecar is Racecar Backwards artwork

The album was originally released on 21 June 2004, and is the first album Xtra Mile Recordings released independently, with the catalogue number XMR001CD. Its impact within the ever-brewing UK rock trenches was significant. Along with albums by label mates Million Dead and other bands like Hell Is For Heroes, Jarcrew and mclusky, it helped form a nascent stream of heavy music that was melodic and aggressive yet sieved with all-important wry British humour.

Reuben became a cult band with a fanatical following that still remains to this day. The album helped earn Reuben a Kerrang! Award nomination for Best British Newcomer and spawned classic singles like ‘Freddy Kreuger’, ‘Moving To Blackwater’, ‘Stuck In My Throat’ and ‘Let’s Stop Hanging Out’.

Speaking about the album, Reuben’s three members reminisce: 

When I hear the album now I’m always surprised how full of energy it sounds, since we were so exhausted when we made it. I know some people say the production is scrappy but I thought and still think it’s pretty slick! I remember desperately not wanting our first album to be swept under the carpet, to be just a practice run for the second one. I wanted it to stand on its own and I think it does.
— Jamie Lenman, guitarist and vocalist
I’m incredibly proud of Racecar, and it’s loaded with hits. I can feel the adrenaline running through me when I listen to that album up nice and loud - Those songs make me feel fucking great. I am one proud owner.
— Guy Davies, drummer
We knew how we wanted it to sound…we found someone who could record what we wanted and we nestled into a dark and dingy former shed in Surrey. Both Jamie and Guy are such awesome musicians, and the songs were so well shaped after years of touring, you can still hear that when you listen back to it today.
— Jon Peace, bassist

Charlie Caplowe, MD of Xtra Mile Recordings said: “I remember vividly the day the album was finally finished and being able to put a plan together to release it. We knew it was a great album and when the positive reviews started pouring in it was nice that others realised how special it was too. The success spurred us on as a label to do more, and the rest, as they say, is history. We’re thrilled to celebrate its tenth anniversary.”

Check out this awesome video montage of featuring the audio on No One Wins The War from a BBC Session in 2004 which will feature on Disc 2 of the release.

Why not make your own Spotify playlists of your favourite Reuben tracks and share them with us on Spotify, Facebook or Twitter. 


Xtra Mile Recordings are pleased to contribute three very special releases and announce some in-shop performances for Record Store Day 2014 on 19 April.

Jamie Lenman will release a double A-side 7” 'It's Hard To Be A Gentleman/All The Things You Hate About Me, I Hate Them Too' which comes with a functioning zoetrope, making it one of the most collectible and delightfully bizarre RSD releases so far. Jamie will also perform a set on the day at Rock Box in Camberley, Surrey.

Beans On Toast is set to release a 10” 'Best Of Toast' limited to 300 hand-numbered and signed copies. Tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Mdmamazing

  2. Price of Rice (featuring Emmy the Great)

  3. Old Grunge (featuring Handshake)

  4. Can't Take Another Earthquake (featuring Dan Smith of Bastille & Kate Tempest)

  5. Beer & Burger

  6. Things

He will also perform four times on the day. He has sets at all three branches of Rise and an evening gig at Clwb Ifor Bach. Times and locations are below:

11am Bristol @ Rise
1pm Cheltenham @ Rise
3pm Worcester @ Rise
7.30pm Cardiff @ Clwb Ifor Bach

The ever-luminescent Chris T-T will be playing a solo in-shop at Brill Records in Exmouth Market, Farringdon. You can see him serenading the masses at 3pm.

This year's Record Store Day is also very special as it marks the end of Xtra Mile's tenth year in operation. In celebration, the Xtra Mile Recordings Single Sessions box set has been packaged together and all good record shops will be able to stock this rare specimen for Record Store Day.

Those who purchase the box set from their favourite record shop will be eligible to enter a special competition to win two tickets to as many Xtra Mile headline shows as you can attend in one year! More information can be found on our Single Sessions and competition page.

The Xtra Mile Singles Sessions comprises 4 coloured 7” singles, with 9 tracks from Chris T-T & the Hoodrats, To Kill A King, Larry and His Flask, Beans On Toast, Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun, Crazy Arm, Möngöl Hörde, and Jamie Lenman. It's a sequel to the original Xtra Mile Singles Sessions series which featured the likes of Reuben, Dartz! and Frank Turner's first official solo release.


Jamie Lenman returns with a double A-side single ‘It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman / All The Things You Hate About Me, I Hate Them Too” released through Xtra Mile Recordings on Record Store Day, April 19th 2014. Both tracks have been re-worked for the exclusive Record Store Day release, which also comes with a functioning zoetrope.

Photo by Ben Morse

Photo by Ben Morse

Jamie will be embarking on a special 3 date tour with a 7-piece band in April including a full horn section in support of the release. The three shows are the most ambitious Jamie has undertaken to date. As well as these selective dates, Jamie will also making a number of appearances at festival throughout the summer including a headline slot at this year 2000 Trees Festival. 


15 March - Southampton @ Takedown Festival 
21 April - London @ Islington Assembly Halls (7-piece band)
23 April - Manchester @ Gorilla (7-piece band)
25 April - Glasgow @ Oran Mor (7-piece band)
12 July -  Withington near Cheltenham @ 2000 Trees Festival 
30 August -  Bristol @ ArcTanGent Festival