Xtra Mile Recordings's Independent Venue Week 2017 showcase is at The Monarch, Camden, with Ducking Punches, Non Canon and The RPMs. Buy your £7 tickets here.

You can also read an interview with each of the bands about Independent Venue Week and what it means to them.

As with any Xtra Mile showcase, we like to give you variety. Brighton trio The RPMs bring the 60s-tinged pop optimism, choruses that ripple through a crowd, making dancing inevitable. Non Canon is Bristol's very own Barry Dolan, usually caught yelling and thrashing at an acoustic or electric guitar as Oxygen Thief. Here, his more personal and measured songs retain the wordplay, sensitively delivered, with bits of choral crowd participation thrown in. Headlining is Ducking Punches, with a new lineup, still led by songwriter Dan Allen. A furious and frenetic blend of guitars lend both a chaotic and melodic side to his compelling songs. Expect tight, explosive energy.

See you at the show on Thursday!


Counterfeit. will release their debut album Together We Are Stronger on 17 March via Xtra Mile Recordings. It will be available on vinyl, CD and download. You can preorder now from our online shop.

You can also preorder from Banquet Records, Amazon, and download from iTunes.

Have a listen to latest single 'The Thrill of It', premiered on Dan P Carter's Rock Show on Radio 1 last night (15/01/2017), below.

The 10-track album was produced by Thomas Mitchener (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Dead!) and recorded at Broadfields Studio. Together We Are Stronger is full of punk-rock flair and showcases frontman Jamie Campbell Bower’s raw and honest vocals.

Bower has said of the release, “It is an honour to announce our debut album Together We Are Stronger. This album has been a long time coming and it is now time for us to unshackle the beast that we have, for so long, tried to contain.”

Counterfeit. kick off their spring European/UK tour in Hamburg on 24 March, and work their way through cities including Berlin, Rome and Amsterdam, before hitting the UK. The band will then head to Leeds on 18 April and wrap things up in Brighton on 29 April,stopping off to play London’s Underworld, on 26 April. 

We Are Stronger Together tracklisting:

1.    Washed Out
2.    For The Thrill Of It
3.    Close To Your Chest
4.    As Yet Untitled
5.    Romeo
6.    You Can’t Rely
7.    Lost Everything
8.    Addiction
9.    Enough
10.   Letters To The Lost / Twitter: @counterfeitrock /

Frank Turner Sleep Is For the Week 10th Anniversary Edition out 27 January 2017 // Preorder now // Double CD and gatefold vinyl reissue with original CDR demos

Xtra Mile Recordings is pleased to announce the tenth anniversary edition of Frank Turner's Sleep is For The Week. It will be reissued as a two-CD and double 180g vinyl edition containing the full album and the original six demo songs featured on Frank's early CDR demo disc. The vinyl will have a gatefold sleeve with the album on one vinyl and the demos on one side of a second vinyl, with the second side etched with the FTHC logo.

It will be released on 27 January 2017. Preorder now on lilac vinyl, CD or download from our shop, pick up the gold vinyl, CD or download from Banquet Records, grab the CD from Amazon or download only from iTunes. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Frank will be playing the album in full as part of his four-night festival ‘Lost Evenings’ at London’s Roundhouse. For more information and tickets visit 

On 28 January 2007, Frank Turner was about to set his road legs on a path that would take him beyond every horizon he'd imagined. Only a year before, he'd released a split 7” with Reuben on Xtra Mile Recordings for their Xtra Mile Single Sessions – 'The Real Damage' – and after months of selling CDRs with demo songs on it, this represented the first official studio release of his burgeoning solo songwriting. A few months later, the Campfire Punkrock EP was released containing four brand new songs and a studio version of ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the One of Me’. But those other early demo songs weren’t forgotten and three of them would reappear on his first full-length release, Sleep Is For The Week. But there was so much more to the album than ‘The Real Damage’, ‘Romantic Fatigue’ and ‘Wisdom Teeth’.

Sleep Is For the Week set out Frank's oeuvre explicitly. He revealed an honest way with words and storytelling that leaned on confession to a sometimes uncomfortable degree ('A Decent Cup of Tea', 'My Kingdom For A Horse', 'Worse Things Happen At Sea', 'Father's Day' 'Must Try Harder') and a few humorous but passionate screes on his past mistakes and ongoing search for identity ('Back In the Day', 'Once We Were Anarchists'). These would both become calling cards of his songwriting soon after. The universal nature of the songs – all of our own failings brought to light in a way that’s both hard to hear and a relief; we were no longer alone in our doubts and mistakes – were what really grasped listeners. 

This first set of songs was disarming in its ease to relate to, Frank’s varied compositions reinforcing his words. Whether transposing a youth misspent going to hardcore shows to a wild bluegrass flurry or a betrayal set to a tumultuous sea lament, the album immediately gave away Frank’s ability to take influences and make them fit cleanly into his sound, a talent he’d continue to hone with his future band, the Sleeping Souls, soon after.

But it was the huge sounds of first single 'Vital Signs' which gave unexpected hints to where his near-future lay, within a determined manifesto of cutting across the country until road maps were all marked by his trail. The promise and ambition, sonic and otherwise, would be fulfilled over the next decade.

This debut album documents one year of Frank's life, detailing a young man gradually finding his way through the torrid and tedious day-to-day, desperately seeking something else. Testament to the album’s quality and impact, the final song on it has become one of his most memorable and beloved among fans, 'The Ballad of Me and My Friends' recorded live at the Camden Barfly in London. This was, for many, the touchpaper and rallying cry to join the magnificent following Frank has garnered since 2005.

It's easy and comforting to romanticise the beginnings, the roots of any artist. Sleep Is For the Week is as of its time now as you'd expect a decade-old record to be, five albums later. But it’s undeniable that a true sense of Frank's sound and songwriting was formed within this record, as he snagged heart cords on unexpected leaps into the harsh reality of the choices he made. 

While later albums like Tape Deck Heart show an even deeper and more sophisticated way of pulling and shaping his tales, it's endearing and endlessly impressive just how sure Frank seemed of almost every song on Sleep Is For the Week. You believe him because he believes in himself, and while obviously the best was yet to come, you couldn't have wanted more from this record at the time. Except that you really needed to hear what was next…

2 Disc CD / Gatefold double 180g LP tracklisting

1.    The Real Damage
2.    Vital Signs
3.    Romantic Fatigue
4.    A Decent Cup of Tea
5.    Father's Day
6.    Worse Things Happen At Sea
7.    My Kingdom For A Horse
8.    Back In the Day
9.    Once We Were Anarchists
10.   Wisdom Teeth
11.    The Ladies of London Town
12.    Must Try Harder
13.    The Ballad of Me and My Friends

Bonus demos:
1. Romantic Fatigue (demo)
2. The Real Damage (demo)
3. Wisdom Teeth (demo)
4. Sunshine State (demo)
5. This Town Ain't Big Enough For The One Of Me (demo)
6. Longing For The Day (demo)

Includes download links of ‘Live From The Vic’ (a full live set from The Victoria, Swindon on 6 April 2007)


Following the October release of second album The Cardiac Hotel – which you can buy on vinyl, CD or download here – singer-songwriter The Lion And The Wolf (Tom George) has announced a UK tour with solo hero Kevin Devine, and a string of Japanese tour dates alongside Garrett Klahn (Texas Is The Reason).

On 29 January 2017, The Lion and the Wolf will start the support slots with Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band in Bristol, then hitting Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds before finishing up in north London's Tufnell Park Dome on 3 February. 

After that, on 8 February the Japanese tour with Garrett Klahn will begin in Tokyo, the tour then through Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya, before wrapping up with a second show in Tokyo.

Tom George said about the dates: "I'm incredibly excited to be touring Japan for the first time with Garrett Klahn and my old friend Andrew Paley. I've heard so many great things about the people of Japan and their appreciation for music. This will be one hell of an experience."

Grab The Lion and the Wolf physical albums and t-shirt bundles from the Xtra Mile shop including clear or black vinyl and CD. The Cardiac Hotel is also available on download and t-shirt sold separately.


Xtra Mile Recordings, are proud to announce the signing of London five-piece, Counterfeit. In celebration, the band have premiered new track 'Addiction', getting its first play on Dan P. Carter's Radio 1 Rock Show.

'Addiction' is a hard-hitting track driven by Jamie Campbell Bower’s raw and honest vocals. It was produced by Thomas Mitchener (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Dead!) and recorded at Broadfields Studio. 'Addiction' has featured in the band’s live shows, and is a firm fan favourite. You can listen to it below.

Counterfeit will also tour in spring 2017. Tickets are on sale from Wednesday 30 November 2016 here. They kick off their tour in Hamburg on 24 March, and work their way through various cities including Berlin, Rome and Amsterdam, before reaching the UK. The band will then head to Leeds on 18 April and wrap things up in Brighton on 29 April, stopping off along the way to play London’s renowned Underworld, on 26 April.

Speaking of the signing and their 2017 plans, Jamie said: "It is my belief that we can all become addicted to something. Whether it be a substance, feeling, person, place...the list is endless, but ultimately that obsession with, whatever your chosen poison, breaks you down and can leave you empty. 'Addiction' is in some ways about overpowering that need for any form of crutch and accepting things on the world's terms rather than trying to control it on your own. Produced by Thomas Mitchener at Broadfields studio, this song marks a new beginning for Counterfeit and is the first of much more to come.

"We are also pleased to announce that Counterfeit have signed to Xtra Mile. We believe that this will be a good home for us and are in good company. Onwards and upwards and into 2017."

Founder of Xtra Mile Recordings, Charlie Caplowe, said of the signing: “We’re massively excited to have signed Counterfeit. They’ve made an amazing album and their live show is immense. 2017 looks set to be a huge year for the band.”

2016 has been a busy year for Counterfeit. Earlier this year saw the five piece play their first UK headline tour, which included a sell out show at London’s Electric Ballroom. They then toured mainland Europe, and played festivals including Rockcamp in Germany and 2000trees in Cheltenham in the summer. / Twitter @counterfeitrock





Xtra Mile Recordings' Outside Broadcast truck is a fully mobile live recording studio capable of capturing and streaming live stage performances at gigs and festivals on video and audio, as well as having room and equipment for acoustic sessions inside. It is now available for hire at reasonable rates bringing an affordable professional quality service to clients and opening up brand new recording and promotional possibilities.

Affectionately known as XMROB1, the ex Hi-Q broadcast truck was rescued from a field before undergoing six months of intricate, accomplished rebuilding and restoration, then fitted with carefully-chosen equipment. The work was carried out by an audio engineer with 25 years of live audio experience whose skills and expertise will be available when hiring the truck.
It has already been fully road-tested by recording every Xtra Mile Recordings artist at 2000trees Festival in July. Ten tracks from these live recordings (one from each artist) has been released as the label’s latest compilation. Entitled Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 7: Truckin', the album takes mastered recordings from the truck’s digital console and delivers a clear, true sound from the festival's live stages. In-truck sessions have also been released as the video series 'Xtra Mile Presents'. Both give evidence of the ability of the truck’s equipment and engineer. Please view the session we did with artist Will Varley from 2000trees Festival.

Technical specifications:

•    32 channel X32 digital console with live real-time mix and simultaneous 32 track recording The X32 desk can be substituted for a Digico SD8 or 9 for larger channel counts and up to 48 track recording if required by the client.
•    Multitrack recording to custom-built rack mount PC running Reaper. 
•    Stage rack: 32 channels of transformer ISO mic splits feeding digital stage boxes, isolated from the PA. 
•    75m tactical cat5 cable from stage rack to truck. This can be doubled to 150m using a Klark Teknik re-clocking box midway.
•    The truck control room is acoustically designed for mixing, making it ideal for audio. 
•    Blackmagic Design ATEM video switcher. 
•    For basic live streaming three or four fixed cams are available, or for more demanding applications, an experienced Camera crew with broadcast grade cameras can be provided. 
•    Live streaming is via either a Teradek Vidiu encoder or from MX Light software.
•    For streaming and data upload: a 4G/LTE system and ViaSat KA band satellite rig. 4G system uses high gain antenna mounted on 7m mast. Satellite system uses NewsSpotter service which allows for uncontended bandwith to be pre-booked.
•    Truck can be powered from a single 32a socket, two 16a sockets or even two 13 amp sockets. The truck features a substantial uninterrupted power supply which provides power temporarily should the incoming supply fail.

•    Each job is quoted in detail depending on requirements and logistics, with an affordable price including one engineer/driver, fuel, broadband and more. One engineer may be sufficient for a simple audio-only job provided there is someone onsite to assist with running cables during setup. Additional techs will be required if the job involves live streaming, video or multiple bands eg. at a festival.