Xtra Mile Recordings will release the self-titled album by Non Canon, another side of Barry Dolan AKA Oxygen Thief. It is out on 28 October 2016 on vinyl, CD and download. Preorder via our XMR shop or download through iTunes.

Stream the first track to be taken from the album ‘Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye’ here.

Non Canon exists apart from the story we know and love. A concurrent storyline, a different perspective, the world we experience through someone else's eyes; familiar but insightful for its new dimension.

In another life entirely, Non Canon gathers maelstroms of guitar noise and feeds them with caustic, yelled, (a)stringent sentences, calling himself Oxygen Thief. Having spent ten years deftly swerving expectation at every measure as Oxygen Thief, Non Canon turns things on their head again. He threads cello where there may have once been feedback, places a third chord where two key changes could have lain, and repeats a chorus line where a scream may have broken the silence instead. He's returned to his acoustic beginning, that’s true, but he’s torn that up and refused to retain his previous self-taught lessons.

'Splinter Of The Mind's Eye' sets out the manifesto: “I'm afraid of sad songs, afraid of what they'll I made a firm decision that I'd hardly ever listen and I’d never sing them to myself or you.” But we're through the looking glass, and what he’s afraid of is now what drives him. As if in defiance of the sad song, fiddles create eddies through repeatedly chiming guitar, a cello building underneath for maximum undertow. 'Eponymous' sticks flags in this untouched territory, boldly declaring “I've got reservations, I'm not sure I'll get away with this, I've got no expectations, I'm not sure my heart is even in this” – we couldn't be further from the bold, antisocial thrash of his other self. Deliberating on a blank book alongside a collection of prolific authors ('A Study in Emerald'), daydreaming about him and his wife meeting  younger ('Crayola'), and memorised reality versus physical and mental regeneration ('Memory Beta'), Non Canon charms a narrative and converses with considered wordplay. 

“It started as a little challenge to myself to see if I could write something other than the loud riffy stuff I've always done with Oxygen Thief and previous bands I was in,” says Barry. “It's kind of snowballed from there really – I never really expected it to be anything other than a bunch of songs I could look at with a sense of achievement at finishing, and then I'd get on with the next OT record.” Having received support from close friends, his wife and Xtra Mile, he set about recording in February 2016 with some of the songs done at home and some in OneCat Studio in Brixton. All the strings, piano and drums were written on an iPad before being sent to musicians to learn and play on recordings. Chris T-T's piano playing stand out on 'Bad Twin', while Ben Marwood and Charlie Barnes (a touring member of Bastille) contributed backing vocals, along with Gareth from My First Tooth playing drums, and the guitarist from Barry’s first ever band playing violin and viola.

Non Canon is a new story, but it’s a story of its own, one that we will soon know and love with its own history, character and setting.


1. Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye
2. Eponymous
3. The Book Of Jasher
4. Bad Twin
5. Home Alone 3
6. A Study In Emerald
7. Crayola
8. 1999 In Roman Numerals
9. Memory Beta
10. Holiday Special

Tour – more dates to be confirmed:


18 Derby @ The Maypole w/Chris T-T & Sad Song Co
19 London @ The Monarch, Camden w/Sad Song Co
20 Chippenham @ Old Road w/Sad Song Co
22 Manchester @ Star & Garter (TBC) w/Sad Song Co
23 Swindon @ Baila Coffee & Vinyl (early show)
     Bristol @ Stag & Hounds w/Sad Song Co
24 London @ Tram & Social, Tooting w/Ben Marwood
27 Cheltenham @ Frog & Fiddle w/Chris T-T
30 Nottingham @ Bodega w/Chris T-T
31 Bath @ The Nest w/Chris T-T

Twitter @noncanon555


Xtra Mile Recordings is very pleased to announce the signing of The Lion and the Wolf – tender-voiced songwriter Thomas George. Xtra Mile will release his second album The Cardiac Hotel on 7 October 2016. Preorders are now available on CD and download through our shop or download from iTunes, with digital orders receiving the track ‘Find The Time’ instantly. There are also t-shirt and album bundles available. Watch the lyric video for 'Find The Time' below. 

Xtra Mile’s first contact with The Lion and the Wolf was back in 2014 as Rob Lynch’s choice for Xtra Mile High Club Vol.5: Smokin’ (Signed vs Unsigned) where XMR artists chose their favourite unsigned acts to join them on this huge label compilation (buy that here). Impressed by his DIY outlook and mesmeric songs, XMR followed Thomas’s journey up to this point.

Since quitting the kind of life lived by the rest of us in January 2014, Thomas has played over 300 shows, supporting labelmates Rob Lynch, Northcote and PJ Bond, among others, as well as appearing at Slam Dunk, Isle of Wight Festival, 2000trees, Blissfields, Fest and Hevy. He released his debut album Symptoms late 2014, a full-band affair crafted from analogue sounds. Comparisons to Elliot Smith and Simon & Garfunkel followed, as well as more shows and more opportunities to revel in community and friendship.

Second album The Cardiac Hotel was expedited and creatively driven by Thomas's dad getting sick, the songs pouring forth as they tend to do when a loved one's future is uncertain. It's hard not to listen to The Lion and the Wolf's second album and not feel a little of that seismic shift yourself. If you don't feel it in the billowing organ chord that begins 'Don't Fail Me Now', then it'll fill you on 'Myfatherseyes'. The reverb weight blurring the edges, seemingly disintegrating Thomas's voice, brings pathos to the urgent, searing sounds that brew underneath.
Violins, brass and lyrics that break upon the softest ears and hearts like waves, particularly on 'The Pinching Point' (“All the time struggled to breathe, now she doesn't have to grieve at the finish line”), while pianos and seething strings seem to bellow over the gentle finger picking and clicking drums on closer 'Find The Time'. 

It feels fragile while wrapping itself in strength of heart, a certain courage needed to bare the soul or strip down to honesty. The Cardiac Hotel is still warm though, never feeling disconnected from the listener, probably because of the lack of digital interference. And that's important because The Lion and the Wolf is all about intimacy and understanding.

You'll never be alone with The Lion and the Wolf, and you'll never have to feel that way now you're part of the pride and pack.

1. Don’t Fail Me Now
2. Heaven Forbid
3. My Father’s Eyes
4. The Hospital Floor
5. Walk On The Moon
6. The Pinching Point
7. Barstools
8. December
9. Past The Point Of Fair
10. Witness
11. Find The Time

"An elegantly understated and wistfully melancholic collection of prime-cut songs in the singer-songwriter vein" – Musical Melting Pot on Symptoms (92%)

“...filled with emotion, beautiful vocals and wonderful melody” - Alt Corner.

"‘Symptoms’ is an accomplished album from one of the most underrated singer-songwriters in the UK today. It’s poignant, mature, and the perfect soundtrack for the long winter ahead” - Punktastic

"A wholly autumnal, acoustic-led slice of melancholy…one of the UK’s most promising singer-songwriters.” – Rock Sound

“Gentle vocals and lilting drive call to mind Elliot Smith and Simon and Garfunkel” - The Independent / Twitter @TLATWuk


Celebrated American rock band Against Me! will release its highly-anticipated forthcoming new album Shape Shift With Me on 16 September 2016. The follow up serving as the follow up to the critically acclaimed Transgender Dysphoria Blues, you can now preorder Shape Shift With Me from XMR, your local indie shop or digitally via iTunes. Download preorders will receive the album’s lead single, ‘333’ instantly. Listen to '333' below.

Recorded, mixed and engineered by Marc Jacob Hudson (Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day) at Rancho Recordo, Shape Shift With Me, Against Me!’s seventh full length album, has the distinction of the first album frontwoman Laura Jane Grace has written truly from the heart, with no metaphorical cloaks cast over the lyrics. It’s an album about love, that deceptively complex emotion we all struggle with yet has somehow eluded most of Grace’s songwriting for the past 20 years.

“Tonnes of people have written about love. But while love is cliché, it’s infinitely relevant,” Grace says. “For me, having always been in a punk band that was expected to be political, I never felt like I had that option to write about feelings in that way. That’s what I ended up being drawn to this time. It’s writing in a way I thought I could never write before, and not giving a shit about expectations.”

As such, Shape Shift With Me is a loose concept album about travelling the world and falling in and out of love, with Grace serving as the narrator. But even though she was opening herself up to new songwriting topics, she knew what her mission was from the start.

“Is there a record that is about relationships from a trans perspective?” she asks rhetorically. “There needs to be more records about trans rights and everything like that, but feeling like I already did that, I wanted to move on to write commentary on living from a trans perspective. I wanted to write the transgender response to the Rolling Stones’ Exile On Main St., Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville and The Streets’ A Grand Don’t Come For Free. All those records are relationship records. There’s been an infinite amount of records talking about what love means from a cisgender perspective. I wanted to present the trans perspective on sex, love and heartbreak.”

With Grace’s new motivation came a new outlook on the band as well. Previous albums found the songwriting process to be a largely solitary experience, but she embraced the spirit of collaboration for Shape Shift With Me – so much so that when Cody Votolato of The Blood Brothers sent her some demos of songs he was working on for another project, she became inspired and ended up co-writing 'Boyfriend' and 'Norse Truth', two of the album’s most memorable tracks, with him.

“It was just about opening up to whatever comes my way karmically,” Grace says. “Whatever everyone in the band is willing to offer, I just wanted to be open to it. I didn’t want it to be like what it was in the past where it may have felt closed. I want it to be different.”

In a career already full of classic punk records, Shape Shift With Me feels like the definitive Against Me! album – it’s poppy and catchy ('Rebecca', 'Suicide Bomber'), aggressive and in-your-face ('ProVision L-3', 'Dead Rats'), sentimental and longing ('Crash', 'All This (And More')). Moreover, it’s the culmination of four years of existence as Laura Jane Grace—there’s no going back now, so she might as well embrace it.

“While I’ve always wanted the moon and the stars, I have a certain amount of humbleness,” she admits. “I just want to play shows and make records and write songs. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Of course I always want the biggest and best things for those shows and records and songs, but when it comes down to it, I just love doing it. I have no other ambitions or career goals.”

Against Me! will be touring extensively throughout North America with headline appearances as well as touring with Bad Religion and Dave Hause this fall. Then, in December, the band head over to the UK and Europe for a headline run of shows – dates are:

06 Birmingham @ O2 Academy 2
07 Manchester @ Academy 2
08 London @ Electric Ballroom
09 Glasgow @ Garage
10 Bristol @ SWX
11 Nottingham @ Rescue Rooms
13 Amsterdam @ Melkweg
14 Brussels @ Magasin 4
15 Zurich @ Dynamo
16 Munich @ Backstage Halle
17 Leipzig @ Conne Island
18 Vienna @ Wuk
19 Linz @ Posthof
20 Cologne @ Live Music Hall
21 Hamburg @ Fabrik
22 Berlin @ So 36

Shape Shift With Me tracklisting:
1. ProVision L-3
2. 12:03
3. Boyfriend
4. Crash
5. Delicate, Petite & Other Things I'll Never Be
6. 333
7. Haunting, Haunted, Haunts
8. Dead Rats
9. Rebecca
10. Norse Truth
11. Suicide Bomber
12. All This (And More)

Frontwoman Laura Jane Grace recently announced the release of her upcoming memoir titled TRANNY: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout. Set for release on November 15, 2016 through Hachette Books, TRANNY is a searing account of Grace’s search for identity and true self. The highly-anticipated book also reveals the struggles and victories that the artist experienced in her quest for gender transition. Written with Noisey editor Dan Ozzi and illuminated by Grace’s never-before-published journal entries reaching back to childhood, TRANNY is an intensely personal and revelatory look inside her struggles with identity and addiction. Grappling with everything from sex, drugs, failed marriages, music, and soul of a punk rock star, this memoir paints a vivid portrait of one of the most revolutionary transgender icons of our time. / Twitter: @againstme /


The unstoppable, wide-eyed, rump-shaking force of Skinny Lister continues apace with the announcement of their third studio album The Devil, The Heart & The Fight out 30 September 2016 through Xtra Mile Recordings. Preorder now through our XMR shop, our Kingston friends Banquet Records, online via Amazon or download only through iTunes.

Anyone who preorders the album by 28 July will be richly rewarded with a massively exclusive prize wherever you are in the world - a prize so amazing we can't even speak about it yet! Just keep hold of your proof of purchase! More info to follow.

With lead single ‘Wanted’ – a fiery Elvis-gone-folk roar of an opener that sees frontman Dan Heptinstall saluting London, New York and Cairo in a song “about looking for life in the cities we’d visit”, The Devil, The Heart & The Fight comes out fists first. 

Check out the lyric video for ‘Wanted’.

If their folk debut album (Forge & Flagon, 2012) celebrated the sticks and their punkier second (Down On Deptford Broadway, 2015) blinked in the bright lights of London; their rocked-up third sees them go global. Pieced together while on the road, and recorded over five weeks in Newcastle Under Lyme’s Silk Mill Studio in May 2016 with producer Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner, The Holloways), it is Skinny Lister’s most far-reaching, exciting and accomplished album yet. It’s a full-on rock record that splashes even more punk vigour and 80s pop elements across their fervent folk canvas, taking in hints of Adam Ant and The Clash. It also brings the folk storytelling tradition bang up to date with its brutally honest and close-to-the-knuckle lyrics of real-life stories (‘Geordie Lad’, ‘Charlie’) and on-the-road mayhem (the Pogue-ish ‘Hamburg Drunk’).

A mature, vibrant and varied record, it mingles classic Skinny folk romances (‘Grace’, ‘Reunion’) with epic rock takes on rafter-rattling shanties (‘Beat It From The Chest’) and hearty Dexys-style tributes to the fans they meet on the road (‘Fair Winds & Following Seas’), plus a hitherto unseen darker side. Take the deceptively upbeat ‘Injuries’, Dan’s ode on the bruising nature of life, or ‘Devil In Me’, in which Lorna comes on like a particularly melodic Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction: “The devil in me will come for you and you’ll pay the price for not being very nice… you took my life, I’m taking yours, that seems to me a fair trade”. Gulp.

The Devil, The Heart & The Fight is like Skinny’s previous albums gone backpacking; expanding its horizons, full of adventure, discovering itself and doing things it regrets in the morning. Have heart, ye devils, join the fight.

1. Wanted
2. Geordie Lad
3. Tragedy In A Minor
4. Devil In Me
5. Injuries
6. Reunion
7. Beat It From The Chest
8. Hamburg Drunk
9. Grace
10. Charlie
11. Fair Winds & Following Seas
12. Carry

With the exception of the five weeks recording the album, Skinny Lister have spent the last 18 months on the road touring across the UK, Europe and North America to ever-increasing crowds. Their infectious, feel-good and uplifting performances are winning over fans all across the globe, whether its supporting labelmate Frank Turner on his arena tours or headlining their own sold out shows across America. They’re a twelve-legged party machine and one of the best live bands in the country. See for yourself on their biggest headline tour to date throughout October.

Before that though, Skinny will be performing a special album announcement party in their adopted home town of Hastings at The Albion on 28 July 2016. Click here for tickets.

04 Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club
05 Manchester @The Ruby Lounge
06 Newcastle @ The Cluny
07 Glasgow @ Nice N Sleazy
13 Norwich @ Waterfront Studio
14 Nottingham @ The Bodega SOLD OUT
15 Leicester @ O2 Academy 2
18 Bristol @ Exchange
19 Southampton @ The Joiners SOLD OUT
20 London @ The Garage / Twitter @SkinnyLister /


Xtra Mile Recordings will release the debut album by Saint Leonard’s Horses entitled Good Luck Everybody on 14 October 2016. Preorders are available now via our shop or download from iTunes. You'll receive the tracks 'Rise Up' and 'Spooky Lover' instantly for preordering. You can listen to the track, premiered on Q Magazine's website.

After signing his recording contract in the shadow of William Blake’s grave in London, it was only a matter of time before this curious artefact would be brought into the world. It’s a record that started life in the Hollywood Hills with a detour through the Mojave Desert, a cabin in Nashville, and a gothic church on the Yorkshire moors, and that ended up being recorded at Childwickbury Manor in St Albans, the former home of director Stanley Kubrick. It’s an ungodly collision of big country sound and misty isle musings – as thrilling a listen as is the story of its conception. 

Produced by Nick Trepka and engineered by Jack Hobbs in a studio adjacent to Kubrick’s study, it allowed Saint Leonard to absorb the creative energy that has bounced around the building. Putting sounds down in the place where parts of famed movies The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut were filmed, as well as drawing inspiration from filmic memorabilia that has found resting places there, has lent an ominous quality to the record. You can hear it in the echoes of melancholy sweeping through the harmonica intro to ‘Well, Well, Well’, it seeps into the spaces and bends between notes on ‘Spooky Lover’, the tinkly of piano and strummed, dusty chords of ‘Goddess Of Electric Gold’, and the echoed piano stabs on ‘The Strangelove Hotel Suite’. 

But this isn’t the only palette available to Saint Leonard’s Horses, not by a long shot. ‘Long John Silver’ is an Americana-steeped bluesy riot, rhyming Hotel California with Johnnie Walker and leading with honky tonk piano. The build from fiddle drone to dynamic crescendo, borrowing from gospel, rendering drama with orchestral strides, warped guitar chimes and biting solos, it’s all storytelling via sound, soaked in experience.

And all of this is a whiskey and sawdust backdrop for Saint Leonard’s lucid, intoxicated, dream-like and twisted lyrics, depicting friendships "made in haunted houses" to tales of Los Angeles. Fractured and surreal though they may sometimes be, his words just help bring scratchy, authentic sepia to life; often vibrant, sometimes violent, even bold and beautiful.  

Explaining further, Saint Leonard says: “I wanted to make a record that unflinchingly documented and almost forensically examined the extremely peripatetic and emotionally turbulent two years I had during the odyssey of its conception. To that extent the album is a self-analysing artefact of my psyche. I wanted it to express the intense polarities of the experience both internal and external, psychic and geographic, in all it's ecstatic, beatific, horrific, glamorous, occult, painfully narcissistic, quasi-mystical, robustly loving and ultimately redemptive wonder. Essentially: the feel good hit record of late autumn/winter 2016 (nee; soundtrack the twilight of our species).”

In the past few years Leonard has toured the UK and USA supporting and playing shows with Ryan Adams,  Father John Misty, Bob Dylan, The Strokes, Beck, The Libertines, Billy Bragg and Wolfmother. The live band then further honed their skills and the songs through extensive touring and festival appearances (including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, The Great Escape, SXSW and British Summer Time in Hyde Park). Saint Leonard’s Horses will now unleash these fully-formed songs on live audiences wherever and whenever they can.

Live dates:

20 London @ The Victoria (Dalston)
31 Port Eliot Festival

03 London @ The 1-2-3-4 Festival

"Hot new artist…definitely worth a listen!” – Daily Mirror
"The musical bastard love-child of  Beckett, Orwell and Ted Hughes" Huffington Post
"Sonically lying somewhere between Dylan and Lennon…quietly charismatic” GodIsInTheTV / Twitter  


Johnny Lloyd has announced a nine-date headline tour of the UK this autumn. Starting in Brighton on 28 September, Lloyd will play a string of shows including London’s Barfly on 29 September. The tour will be Lloyd’s biggest run of solo shows and follows high profile support slots including The Maccabees, Mystery Jets, Jamie T and Black Honey.

Lloyd will be performing songs from his new EP Dreamland, which features tracks produced by Hugo White from The Maccabees as well as Jamie T. The digital EP is out now on Xtra Mile Recordings and reached Number 12 in the iTunes Pop Chart. Buy it here.

The single ‘Pilgrims’ is currently playlisted at Radio X after bagging the Shock Of The New daytime slot and has had further plays on 6Music thanks to Steve Lamacq and Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show. The video, which features British Actor Douglas Booth, premiered on VEVO clocking up an impressive 37,000 views. Watch it below. 

UK headline tour dates:

28 Brighton @ Bleach
29 London @ Barfly
30 Nottingham @ Bodega

01 Bristol @ Louisiana  
03 Birmingham @ Sunflower Lounge
04 Manchester @ Gullivers
06 Sheffield @ Hayley
Fri 7th NEWCASTLE, Think Tank Social
Sat 8th GLASGOW Tenement Trail @Nice ’N' Sleazy                 

Praise for Dreamland
"the songwriter's finest solo moment to date" CLASH

"woozy, washed-out guitar work with a metronomic beat and languid vocals to create a warm psychedelic outing" The Line Of Best Fit

“…his lo-fi melancholy is decidedly unpolished, and it’s all the better for its roughness" Pigeons & Planes / Twitter @JohnnyLloydUK