Following the release of his incredible album Where Were You?, PJ Bond is coming to Europe and the UK for a huge string of dates throughout the summer in June and July 2015. Tour dates are all belowwith more to be confirmed. Check our gig calendar for all dates by our artists, including PJ Bond.

Where Were You? is also now available on vinyl, in four different colours — maroon, yellow, navy and mint green. The yellow and mint green versions are exclusive to the Xtra Mile Recordings digital shop. Our mint green vinyl features hand-painted artwork by PJ, digitally printed for the sleeve. You can buy both XMR exclusive colours from 8 June 2015.

All other vinyl colours are available at various participating retailers. You can buy his new album Where Were You? on CD or download from Amazon, and Google Play

PJ Bond has been compared to Elliott Smith, Micah P Hinson, and Wilco, while his new album reveals all the bombast and ambition of someone who has listened to a fair amount of Dylan or Springsteen, and dreamed.

June 2015 European tour dates:

02 Vienna, Austria @ Das Bach
03 Graz, Austria @ Sub

04 Salzburg, Germany @ Shakespeare
05 Rohrschach, Switzerland @ Treppenhaus
07 Zurich, Switzerland @ El Dorado Bar
10 Bern, Switzerland @ Café Marta
12 Turbigo, Italy @ TBA
14 Lyon, France @ Kraspek Myzik
16 Leuven, Belgium @ Vleugel F
20 Holzerath, Germany @ Mini Festival
21 Regensburg, Germany @ TBA
22 Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia
23 Leipzig, Germany @ Kulturcafe Manfred
24 Würzburg, Germany @ Kurt und Komisch
25 Hannover, Germany @ Garden Show
26 Bielefeld, Germany @ Plan B

July 2015 UK tour:

03 Brighton @ The Fitz
04 Southampton @ House Show
05 Basingstoke @ The Sanctuary
06 Nottingham @ JT Soar
07 Leeds @ BrewDog Leeds
09 Cardiff @ Gwdihw
10 2000trees @ Busking Stage
12 Edinburgh @ Banshee Labyrinth
13 Newcastle @ Nerd Hutch
14 Manchester @ TBA
15 Hull @ 80 Days Bier Haus
16 Lincoln @ The Guilded Quill
17 Birmingham @ TBA
18 London @ The Stillery

www.facebook.com/PJBond / Twitter @pjbondmusic / pjbondmusic.tumblr.com


Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Million Dead’s second album Harmony No Harmony, it gets a vinyl release for the first time on 21 August 2015 through Xtra Mile Recordings.

It will be a double LP in transparent yellow with gracefully redesigned artwork on a gatefold sleeve. Also available exclusively at the Xtra Mile Recordings shop will be a brand new t-shirt featuring the burnt match on the front of the record and the trademark band logo on the back.

Pre-order the record with, or without the t-shirt from our digital shop or grab the record from our good friends at Banquet Records.

Million Dead’s second and final album shows off a more muscular, cathartic and less immediate rock beast than debut A Song To Ruin. With guitarist Tom Fowler replacing band co-founder Cameron Dean, the band traded clean, powerful lines for a maelstrom of thick riffs and coruscating noise. These cacophonic storms also hid some of the band’s most gentle moments, including the bare-bones, acoustic-led title track.

The centrepiece of the album, and first single ‘Living the Dream’, is the perfect example of where the band were at, riding in on the holler of escalating white noise before fading into a gloriously clear waterfall of notes. It builds to a huge, melody-strewn chorus — “Every sound a memory but it’s all I’ll ever need / I always have a song inside my head” remains their catchiest and most poignant refrain.

It’s also home to their best video; an excellent, hilarious, and somehow moving tale of a washed-up glam-rock band finally wiping away their disguises and opening up to their audience.

Check it out here:

For fans of the band — old and new, perhaps led this way by vocalist Frank Turner and drummer Ben Dawson’s recent heavy band Möngöl Hörde, or bassist Julia Ruzicka, now in future of the left — the release of this album on vinyl has been a long time coming.


Xtra Mile Recordings is excited to announce the release of Party Adjacent, the second full-length by Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano — from his solo project Dan Andriano In the Emergency Room — out on 17 July 2015.

Photo by Rob Futrell

Photo by Rob Futrell

“The Emergency Room started as something for me to do with songs I had been writing that didn’t seem to have a place on Alkaline Trio records,” explains Andriano.  Started when he found himself living in Florida, he released his debut full-length Hurricane Season in 2011 and toured troubadour-style around the release with just an acoustic guitar on the US and European legs of the Revival Tour.

Released by XMR for the world (excluding North America) and Asian Man Records in the US, Party Adjacent marks the beginning of a new chapter to the Emergency Room story.  Produced by Jeff Rosenstock, formerly of Bomb the Music Industry, Andriano is joined by a backing band of Jeff, Kevin Higuchi of The Jeff Rosenstock Band and Mike Huguenor of Hard Girls to fantastic effect. With influences ranging from Thin Lizzy to Elvis Costello to Billy Bragg, Party Adjacent is obviously one of those rare records that is built by an artist's singular vision and augmented by exactly the right collaborative team.

Tracklisting is below. Stay tuned for more information on this release in the coming months.

  1. Pretty Teeth
  2. Wait
  3. Eye Contact
  4. Don't Have A Thing
  5. My Human Being
  6. Haunt Your House
  7. Fire Pit
  8. Enemies
  9. Lowrider
  10. Plain Old Whiskey
  11. Lost
  12. Snake Bites

facebook.com/danandrianointhemergencyroom / Twitter @danielandrianohttp://danandrianointheemergencyroom.com


To celebrate 10 years since it was first released, Xtra Mile Recordings will reissue Reuben's ferocious and anthemic second album Very Fast Very Dangerous on black vinyl for its first-ever worldwide release, on 10 July 2015. You can preorder the vinyl from our digital shop or from the ever-reliable and lovely Banquet Records.

The vinyl will come in a gatefold sleeve with original artwork (beautifully redesigned for this format), together with a download card for the full 13-track album. Also included with the download code are a horde of demos from the Very Fast Very Dangerous era — recorded at Jacob's Studios in Farnham — including demo versions of the entire album plus three non-album tracks. Full tracklisting is below.

As if that wasn't enough, Xtra Mile Recordings will once more be making the tee shirt featuring the album artwork available, to help celebrate the re-release of this vital record.

Produced by Chris Sheldon (Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters) the album features the singles ‘A Kick In the Mouth’ and ‘Keep It To Yourself’ as well as the gargantuan ‘Every time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies’. 

Full album and digital demos tracklisting for Very Fast Very Dangerous:

Very Fast Very Dangerous vinyl

1. A Kick In the Mouth
2. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
3. Best Enemies
4. It's All About Control
5. Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies
6. Nobody Loves You
7. Blamethrower
8. Keep It To Yourself
9. Lights Out
10. Alpha Signal Three
11. Good Night
12. Return Of The Jedi
13. Boy

MP3 bonus demo tracks

1. A Kick In The Mouth (VFVD Demo)
2. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (VFVD Demo)
3. Best Enemies (VFVD Demo)
4. It's All About Control (VFVD Demo)
5. Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies (VFVD Demo)
6. Nobody Loves You (VFVD Demo)
7. Blamethrower (VFVD Demo)
8. Keep It To Yourself (VFVD Demo)
9. Lights Out (VFVD Demo)
10. Alpha Signal Three (VFVD Demo)
11. Good Night (VFVD Demo)
12. Recouping Is So 1987 (VFVD Demo)
13. Boy (VFVD Demo)
14. Worn To Be Seen (VFVD Demo)
15. Approaching By Stealth (VFVD Demo)
16. Blitzkrieg (VFVD Demo)



As you will know by now, Will Varley will release his new live five-track EP 'Live at the Lighthouse' on 4 May 2015. Oh, and there's that general election thing too. Do what you like with the latter (it's probably too late), but you can preorder (or buy, depending on when you read this) the digital-only EP from our digital-only shop, or from either Google Play or Amazon.

Why are we mentioning the election? Well, Will has taken his lead track from the EP, 'We Don't Believe You', and married it with this caustic homemade video. Watch below.

Happy voting! (or living under whatever government gets in!)

Will is also touring soon. Check out dates on the news story below, or at our handy gigs calendar.

facebook.com/willvarleymusic / Twitter @willvarleymusic / www.willvarley.com


Xtra Mile Recordings’ newest signing Will Varley unveils details of his forthcoming five-track digital EP, Live At The Lighthouse, which will be released on 4 May 2015.  You can preorder the EP now from the Xtra Mile digital shop, from Amazon or Google Play.

The EP includes new song 'We Don't Believe You', a timely look at the current political climate in Britain - “If we're after Britain First than we should probably be last, and before UK independence we should give back what isn't ours,” - taking on colonial history, globalisation and foreign policy all in the time it takes a pop song to say “I love you”. You can stream the track below.

More live tracks from previous albums feature too, including the much-loved 'Weddings and Wars' (the history of the human race) and 'King for a King' (the story of a life from birth to death). There's hardly time to breathe as Will's viewpoint flows across the timeline of a mere moment, or an entire millennium.

Will signed to Xtra Mile Recordings backstage at the Royal Albert Hall just moments before he performed on stage supporting Frank Turner as part of a Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the end of March. He’s been named one of Time Out's rising stars of 2015 as well as “powerful, political and pertinent” by the Independent.

The 27-year-old rambling folk singer-songwriter from Kent is a self-made man who, on one recent tour, walked 500 miles with a guitar on his back, playing shows along the way. He makes his own music videos. He runs his own record label and music festival, Smugglers. As if mirroring his work ethic, his songs pack narrative detail. Each three or four minutes is earthy and punchy, rolling and rollicking upon barely-concealed anger, or blatant piss-taking.

The EP tracklisting is:

  1. Weddings and Wars
  2. From Halcyon
  3. We Don't Believe You
  4. King For A King
  5. I Got This Email

Will Varley is on tour during May. Tour dates and ticket links can be found, along with all other artists' shows, on our gigs calendar, or look below:

02 Nottingham @ Bodega Social Club
03 Salford @ Sounds From the Other City Festival
04 Edinburgh @ The Voodoo Rooms
05 Leeds @ Oporto
07 Winchester @ The Railway
08 Cardiff @ The Moon Club
10 Portsmouth @ Edge of the Wedge
15 Leicester @ The Cookie Jar
16 Brighton @ The Mesmerist (The Alt Escape)
20 St Albans @ The Horn
21 Bristol @ The Louisiana
23 Hay-On-Wye @ How the Light Gets In Festival
24 Cambridge @ Junction 2
27 London @ Oslo
29 Canterbury @ The Gulbenkian Theatre 

facebook.com/willvarleymusic / Twitter @willvarleymusic / www.willvarley.com