Reuben’s debut album Racecar is Racecar Backwards turned 10 on 21 June 2014 and to celebrate a decade of its joyful existence, Xtra Mile Recordings is releasing a two disc deluxe edition of the album later this year.

Disc one contains the original 16 song album, while disc two is crammed full of completely unreleased radio sessions, demos, and interviews. They will be packaged together with new artwork, photographs and a booklet all commemorating this acclaimed debut album.

Tracklisting and artwork will be revealed nearer the release date.

Original  Racecar is Racecar Backwards  artwork

Original Racecar is Racecar Backwards artwork

The album was originally released on 21 June 2004, and is the first album Xtra Mile Recordings released independently, with the catalogue number XMR001CD. Its impact within the ever-brewing UK rock trenches was significant. Along with albums by label mates Million Dead and other bands like Hell Is For Heroes, Jarcrew and mclusky, it helped form a nascent stream of heavy music that was melodic and aggressive yet sieved with all-important wry British humour.

Reuben became a cult band with a fanatical following that still remains to this day. The album helped earn Reuben a Kerrang! Award nomination for Best British Newcomer and spawned classic singles like ‘Freddy Kreuger’, ‘Moving To Blackwater’, ‘Stuck In My Throat’ and ‘Let’s Stop Hanging Out’.

Speaking about the album, Reuben’s three members reminisce: 

When I hear the album now I’m always surprised how full of energy it sounds, since we were so exhausted when we made it. I know some people say the production is scrappy but I thought and still think it’s pretty slick! I remember desperately not wanting our first album to be swept under the carpet, to be just a practice run for the second one. I wanted it to stand on its own and I think it does.
— Jamie Lenman, guitarist and vocalist
I’m incredibly proud of Racecar, and it’s loaded with hits. I can feel the adrenaline running through me when I listen to that album up nice and loud - Those songs make me feel fucking great. I am one proud owner.
— Guy Davies, drummer
We knew how we wanted it to sound…we found someone who could record what we wanted and we nestled into a dark and dingy former shed in Surrey. Both Jamie and Guy are such awesome musicians, and the songs were so well shaped after years of touring, you can still hear that when you listen back to it today.
— Jon Peace, bassist

Charlie Caplowe, MD of Xtra Mile Recordings said: “I remember vividly the day the album was finally finished and being able to put a plan together to release it. We knew it was a great album and when the positive reviews started pouring in it was nice that others realised how special it was too. The success spurred us on as a label to do more, and the rest, as they say, is history. We’re thrilled to celebrate its tenth anniversary.”

Check out this awesome video montage of featuring the audio on No One Wins The War from a BBC Session in 2004 which will feature on Disc 2 of the release.

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