There are good videos and there are bad videos. And then, there are REALLY good videos that are usually simple, fun and a firm, memorable statement to boot.

In his new clip for 'Badge of Dishonour', Barry Dolan (AKA Oxygen Thief) wears every band t-shirt and hoodie he owns, crafting a rapid-fire journey of his musical tastes using only his (no doubt chiselled) torso. You can watch the video exclusively at Punktastic - check it out there!

Barry Dolan, on his lonesome.

Barry Dolan, on his lonesome.

There's some insanely good stuff in the video, from the 'Ugly Organ'-era Cursive hoodie and t-shirt combo to a highly appropriate, classic "the only person in my band is me" Frank Turner tee. He even dons an Xtra Mile 10 t-shirt, just to show all other clothes how it's done.

A lot of the fun is in spotting which bands he likes that you also happen to think are great: Brand New, glassjaw, Desaparacidos, Möngöl Hörde, Reuben, Say Anything and Ben Marwood caught my attention.

Which got us thinking: perhaps you lot have a killer band t-shirt collection between you? There's an astonishing amount of merch on show in Barry's clip, and the only way we can beat this prolific sartorial feat, really, is if we gather footage of all of YOU clad in your favourite band merch.

Whether you use Instagram or Vine, record/photo yourself posing in your best or most obscure or disarmingly-garish band coverings, use the hashtag #OTShirts, and we'll combine them into one supreme effort to beat Barry's impressive throw down. Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter (@Xtra_Mile / @XMRUSA), and on Instagram (@xtramilerecordings) and we'll gather them into one amalgam of awesome at a later date on XMR Hub. We bet you all look lovely.

Barry doesn't expect to be beaten by any one person of course, but we'd be impressed if you can match or exceed Barry's number of separate merch items on your own. Do you reckon you can trump Barry's Xtra Mile collection (it's pretty lame, considering)? How many of Barry's t-shirts do you own as well? Wanna do a mirror image of the video and compare?  We'd like to see those too, if you can.

Together, we can create the best video ever made. Seriously. Let's do this!