Limbering up for their eagerly awaited new album Alamort, out 16 February 2018, Ducking Punches are back to whet appetites with a brand new single, 'Distant Shadows'. 

Listen to “Distant Shadows” here or also on Spotify.

Ducking Punches - Alamort cover - web.jpg

Unafraid to flaunt their literary chops, the title of this latest track is an intended lyrical play on the words of the ancient Roman poet and philosopher, Horace: “Pulvis et umbra sumus" or "We are but dust and shadow”.

Swooping and diving with wild abandon, 'Distant Shadows' never loses sight of Ducking Punches' undeniable knack for earworm infested melodies and a clifftop-howling chorus. Ramped up on reverb-drenched riffs and sporting a relentless percussive pummel, this dynamic single is surely only further evidence of Ducking Punches coming good on the promise of an altogether darker, heavier and more bruising affair for listeners keenly anticipating their latest long-player.

Offering further insight into the heart of 'Distant Shadows', frontman Dan Allen says: “'Distant Shadows' is about drifting apart from friends through a lack of trying and a lack of common ground. It focuses on how fickle friendships are not healthy to have in your life. The title is a play on words, taking the line from Horace, and twisting the meaning.”

As with previous singles 'Smoking Spot' and 'Sobriety', 'Distant Shadows' too was tracked and mixed at Crooked Rain Studio in Leeds by Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest / Citizen / The Orielles) and further mastered at Sonic Iguana Studio by punk rock guru Mass Giorgini (Anti-Flag / Rise Against). A hattrick of singles more daredevil than anything they have produced before, the choice of studio staff and resultant sound all begin to paint a picture of a band casting off any and all former folk associations and plummeting further and deeper into the realms of post-punk and hardcore. 
Around the release of the album, the band will also be playing a series of live dates including a launch party at London’s The Lexington (16 Feb) and an unmissable hometown show at The Arts Centre in Norwich (17 Feb). Plus, the band are now delighted to announce a slew of shows across the UK for later in the year, with pit stops across Wales, Scotland and England - full dates and details on our gigs page.