The recently-announced 2 CD reissue of Reuben's debut album, Racecar Is Racecar Backwards, is set for release on 3 November 2014, and the full tracklisting is below.

As a bonus, thanks to HUGE fan demand - and to show you people power truly does work - Xtra Mile Recordings will also reissue the original album on white vinyl with a download code for the bonus tracks featured on the CD. Both CD and vinyl will include new artwork by Jamie Lenman.

Full tracklisting for Racecar Is Racecar Backwards Tenth Anniversary Deluxe Edition:

CD 1 – Racecar Is Racecar Backwards                     CD 2 – Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

1. No One Wins the War
2. Horrorshow
3. Stuck In My Throat
4. Oh the Shame
5. Fall of the Bastille
6. Freddy Kreuger
7. Tonight My Wife Is Your Wife
8. Eating Only Apples
9. Our Song
10. Let's Stop Hanging Out
11. Missing Fingers
12. Song For Saturday
13. Moving to Blackwater
14. Wrong and Sorry
15. Parties Break Hearts
16. Dusk


1. No One Wins the War (Live at the BBC)
2. Horrorshow (Live at XFM)
3. Stuck In My Throat (Racecar demo)
4. Oh the Shame (Live at Echo FM)
5. Fall of the Bastille (Live at XFM)
6. Freddy Kreugar (Stakeout demo)
7. Tonight My Wife Is Your Wife (Single version)
8. Eating Only Apples (Live at the BBC)
9. Our Song (Racecar demo)
10. Let's Stop Hanging Out (Live at the Barfly for XFM)
11. Missing Fingers (Live at XFM)
12. Song For Saturday (Live at XFM)
13. Moving to Blackwater (Live at the BBC)
14. Wrong and Sorry (Live at the BBC)
15. Parties Break Hearts (Stakeout demo)
16. Dusk (Racecar demo)
17. Alpha Signal Seven (Live at the BBC)
18. Banner Held High (Racecar demo)
19. Stux (Racecar demo)
20. Fuzz's Birthday Song (Surrey Uni demo)
21. Naked interview on XFM

Xtra Mile has also worked with the band to dig out some of their best early t-shirt designs and you get to vote on your favourite on Facebook. Whichever T-shirt gets the most likes will be reprinted and put back on sale, with some lovely CD or vinyl t-shirt bundles. Yes, we're going full nostalgia on this one. Check out the band’s Facebook page for more information.