Xtra Mile Recordings Valentine's Day 2016: love letters to bands

- 14/02/2016 -

It's Valentine's Day, which cannot have escaped you no matter how much you've tried to escape it, but Xtra Mile is here to make it a little better.

People are great and all but music is often just as worth our time and devotion, yet when was the last time you showed it so? And what better way to profess your love than with a loveletter(typewriter – Mineral joke editor)?

A few of you (and us) wrote our best paeans to some of your / our favourite Xtra Mile bands or albums and you can read them here.

If you're feeling inspired after reading them and would like to contribute your own, please send them to xtramilestreetteam@gmail.com or contributions@xtramilerecordings.com. The less likely someone has sent one about your favourite XMR band or album, the more likely it will get published here, you know, in the name of diversity.

To help you get into the spirit of Valentine's Day, give our Valentine's playlist a listen on Spotify. Now have a read and swoon...

For Xtra Mile Recordings by Anna P

"Xtra Mile Recordings –

You’ve been my faithful companion for years,

always by my side,

sometimes quiet, your ballads soothing my pain,

sometimes loud, your guitar riffs pumping the blood through my veins.

Different every time, yet still the same,

never failing to make me smile, make me dance, make me feel alright again.

I thank you for your ever-beating drums, your cheering voices, your hymns, your support.

I thank you for the joy, the concerts, the laughs, the words, the parties, the people, and above all, I thank you for your love of music.

Yours dearly,


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For To Kill A King by Traci-Ann D

"William Congreve wrote: 'Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.' And no truer statement could be said of the music that you have given me. It doesn't matter where I am, all I have to do is put on Cannibals With Cutlery, Exit, Pursed By A Bear, the self-titled second album or My Crooked Saint and I feel like I'm home. Your voice, Ralph, feels like home. Your words, your music takes me to a place where I feel calm, no matter how stormy my brain may be. It's my lazy Sunday morning with a good book and a cup of coffee, it's my late afternoon tea, it's twilight, it's the voice of an old friend calling to say hello.

I have a terrible habit of getting too much into my head and start believing the negative voices. The music I listen to at these times can have a huge effect on how I deal with these emotions and I've come to rely on your music to be my safe place. Even in the sadness of some of your words, there's still a hopefulness. Thank you, to kill a king.

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For Drag the River by Seth and Yvonne

"The first time we saw you play, we didn’t know any of your songs. Despite that, it was one of the best nights of our recent life. That blend of rock and alt-country, those touching lyrics, the astounding amount of vodka and Red Bull that I was able to get Jon to drink in a single evening. And that incredible beard adorning the face of the famous Chad Price! Oh, that beard that could put all other beards to shame. I nearly shaved the next day out of some perceived beardly shortcoming! Despite my inferior beard, and obvious beard envy, you still accepted us and made us feel welcome; we’ve had such fun with you guys at your shows. We even thought you were better than the headliner when you opened for Social Distortion (but if Mike Ness asks, we will lie about it). Keep on rocking, and thanks for all the good times. Can’t wait to see you boys again – we’ll be the ones up front, cheering the loudest and being your biggest supporters! Love, Seth and Yvonne"

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For PJ Bond's Where Were You? by Val

Handpainted love

Handpainted love

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I love PJ Bond's "Where Were You?"
It makes me happy, it makes me sad, not one song on there is bad.
Darn you PJ, for being so good, for singing things I never could.
Thank you PJ, for tunes from the heart,
Thank you impulse, for clicking 'add to cart'.
Listen to me, and listen to him,
trust me you'll be awfully glad you did."

You can buy Where Were You? by PJ Bond on CD, download or coloured vinyl from our shop. You can also listen to the album on Spotify.

For Mineral's EndSerenading by Brad

Isn't she beautiful?

Isn't she beautiful?

"How can you be so in-tune with my heart, my youth, and my very being?

I can't explain how the quiet, gently-plucked notes become bellowing, furious flares, illuminating and striking awe in measures equal. Allow me the indulgence of my pulse detonating with every chime you make. Please excuse me as, ridiculously and laughing, I air guitar ecstatically to the loudest points and collapse in an exhausted heap during the quietest. Your words are from places and days I've never seen, but I still feel as if I was there. You will always speak truth and mean the world.    

Instead of EndSerenading, we should continue forever. You are an album of symphonies in seashells, and the sound of driving snow, and you drive me home to the one I love with every play. xxx"

You can buy EndSerenading on CD as part of the best of collection here or on double coloured vinyl here. Listen to EndSerenading on Spotify.