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It's been a busy month - kicking off with the release of both Northcote's eponymous album plus the long awaited release of Jamie Lenman's mind boggling double album 'Muscle Memory'. You can purchase both here at our store. Jamie's return to music has been heralded as the second coming by some incredibly keen Reuben fans. Whilst that might seem a tad extreme, the reaction to his comeback and indeed the album has being hugely positive - perfectly surmised by Charlie Kirkham below. 

It's also been a month jam-packed with live shows with Frank Turner, Franz Nicolay, Chris T-T, Oxygen Thief, To Kill A King, Northcote, Beans On Toast, Crazy Arm, Ben Marwood and Retrospective Soundcheck Players all playing shows plus we did a takeover at the Vans Warped Tour. Some of you kindly sent in your rather awesome snaps from the gigs you were at. Thank you! Please find a gallery below. 

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Jamie Lenman
by Charlie Kirkham

I write this on the day of the release of Muscle Memory by the gentleman himself  (having listened to the album solidly since its arrival on Saturday) I originally set out to write a review, but instead felt it more appropriate to pass my opinions of the man himself.

For those who are unaware of who Jamie Lenman is, I shall attempt to sum him up in a few sentences. Jamie fronted the glorious rock band that was Reuben through their reign of 1998-2008 and left a hole in the hearts of many by their departure. 

In the past few years he has been mostly focusing on his career as an illustrator, but has recently exploded back into music with his first solo album. Before you carry on reading this, I feel the need to point out that I am one of the poor souls who discovered the band after they split, so therefore have never been lucky enough to experience the spectacle of their live shows. Also, I do not in any way ignore the brilliance of Jon and Guy, this is simply my thoughts on Jamie’s return and what it means to people, myself included.


Photos from Frank Turner's US Tour, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun and Sonic Boom Six at Warrped Tour UK, Oxygen Thief, Franz Nicolay, To Kill A King and Northcote.  Thanks to Rich Russo, Sophia Ruth Photography and Dominic Meason.