Everything Behind ‘Everything Besides’

Larry and His Flask’s ‘B-Sides’ compilation Everything Besides (released 19 July 2019) reveals more of their creative process since the revitalising power of their 2018 album This Remedy

- 07/06/2019 -

Larry and His Flask came through five years of uncertainty in regards to the future of the band in 2018 with a return to the stage and a new album, completely revitalising their prospects, direction and commitment to their music.

It’s tough being considered one of the best live bands ever seen by people who bear witness, including one Frank Turner, as it ever-so-slightly overshadows what you do in the studio. This was countered emphatically by the band with This Remedy, released by Xtra Mile Recordings in October 2018. Their sixth full-length album, and the third released by Xtra Mile since they signed with us the first time in 2011, really showcased the depth, breadth and lengths their sound can reach. Melancholy, riotous, and apt to spin you around from track to track, This Remedy took the raw pace and multi-instrumental (post) Americana they’d been known for and melded it with restraint and subtlety, less punk-fueled and more emotionally packed. It was a glorious return, and we hope it’s just the start of a new phase for a band that has always been a favourite.

Feeling the need to further piece together recent history, Larry and His Flask have just announced a new collection of songs called Everything Besides. This will be out on digital download on 19 July 2019 and you can preorder it here. We have the first taste of the album below. Listen to this dark take on humanity’s collective frailty, ‘Long Way To Go’, and then read about it below. We’ll have more on the rest of the album right here on this page in the coming weeks!

Singed by the same melancholy that This Remedy embraces, ‘Long Way to Go’ proves Larry and His Flask’s exceptional grasp of meshing the long dark night of the soul with a rollicking pace and flurried guitars. But it certainly seems blacker in outlook than the majority of its intended album, and ultimately shows itself to be an isolated take on the trials the band personally went through the last five years. Ian: “Long Way To Go was a b-side from the This Remedy recording sessions. We felt it didn’t fit the theme of the record as much as some of the other songs.” Ian’s observation is right, it’s a tougher listen in lyrical terms – eschewing the more hopeful and uplifting feel that This Remedy encompasses – while the fiery pace and familiarity lends a hug, even as it unsettles with its all-too-relatable observations.

We asked lead guitarist Ian Cook about what it means to piece together a set of ‘non-album’ tracks like Everything Besides.

“I think during the compilation process of a batch of songs, we’re not thinking so much about what’s going to make it on the album or not. In our eyes we hope it all makes the cut. But as we reach completion of the recording process we start to see what sort of shape the songs are taking and we can access the structure of the tracks as a whole. How they sit against each other and compliment — or not — one another. It’s then that we make the call.”

For us there really isn’t anything you could call ‘non-album tracks’. We usually record with the intention of everything ending up on the album. Sometimes there are just songs that don’t fit the overall motif. As far as experimentation goes, we don’t really separate the songs that stray from the path from the more accessible tracks. It’s all part of the creative process that we feel is vital to an album on the whole. “

B-sides are a much different thing these days. I think of them more like what ends up on the cutting room floor, in a way. Kind of edits in a band’s history. To share them with your audience is just giving them a peek inside of a different angle of the band. A way to show your inner workings through the evolution of your craft.“

Full tracklisting and a breakdown of each song, its origins and a couple more to listen to before release will appear right here in coming weeks ahead of 19 July, so come back for more!

Larry and His Flask / Image: Ben Morse

Larry and His Flask / Image: Ben Morse