One week away from the release of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly's new album Young Adult – out 19 January 2018 – Sam Duckworth has released a live video for 'VHS Forever'. The album track will be available instantly to those who preorder the album on CD, vinyl or download.

Young Adult.jpg

Ignited by an irresistible three-chord riff, this retro-futuristic bottle rocket of fizzing synthesisers and beatific brass is just one of many stratospheric highs to be found on the first Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly album in four years.

A treasure trove of golden couplets and diamond one-liners, ‘VHS Forever’ sees Duckworth offering his unique perspective on the shear nuttiness of consumer trends in the here and now. He says:

"'VHS Forever' is probably the most absurd of the songs on the album. It’s a little bit of fun really. So much of the music that I’ve made previously has been quite heavy and quite political. I just wanted to write a song that highlighted the ridiculousness of feeling like all eras are being relived and rehashed at once, perpetual nostalgia. With one foot in pub rock (especially Dr Feelgood) and another in Britpop, I wanted to write a three-chord pub rock song that was fun and didn’t take itself too seriously.

For me it’s odd because now I’m 31 years old, and the fashion of the current age looks exactly the same as the fashion of the age when I was growing up. Being an artist that’s been around for a long time a lot of people say to me: ‘I used to remember you from my primary school’ and I just think, well I’m talking to adults who remember me from their childhood, when in some ways I still feel like I’m still a child myself. [In ‘VHS Forever’] I’m just trying to wrap it all up into a nice little bubble in a way that doesn’t feel too heavy.”  

New singleVHS Forever sits alongside formerly released tracks “Adults”, “Always”, “Just A Phase”, and DNA”, all of which are available to watch / listen to now, ahead of the full album release.

Plus, to mark the release Sam Duckworth, plus a full band (the same band as featured in the ‘VHS Forever’ video) will be launching the new album with an unmissable one-off live performance at The Village Underground, London on 18th January 2018. Get your tickets here.


Xtra Mile Recordings have released the next in their long-running annual compilation series Xtra Mile High Club Vol. 9 as a digital only album available now for only £3.49. Buy it from Xtra Mile or if you prefer iTunes. You can also listen on Spotify or Deezer.

XMHC Vol 9 Live at the Roundhouse.jpg

Vol. 9 features live performances recorded at Frank Turner's Lost Evenings festival from Camden's Roundhouse in May 2017. The festival won the Association of Independent Music (AIM) Golden Welly Award for Best Independent Festival 2017 in September, with fans voting for the winner.

Main stage performances by Skinny Lister and Will Varley were captured from the Xtra Mile evening on 15 May 2017, as well as tracks taken from each of Frank Turner's four headlining slots. Other performing Xtra Mile artists including Ben Marwood, Ducking Punches, Beans on Toast, Christ T-T, Non Canon, Sam Duckworth (aka Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly) and Rob Lynch recorded separate acoustic sessions in the Xtra Mile Outside Broadcasts truck, XMROB1, over the four days.

Selections from this hotbed of live recording make up the tracklisting of XMHC Vol. 9. Celebrating this incredible moment in time, the tracks included are:

  1. Frank Turner – 'Vital Signs' (Live at Lost Evenings night 2)

  2. Sam Duckworth – 'In Good Time' (XMROB1 session)

  3. Chris T-T – 'Love Me, I'm A Liberal' (XMROB1 session)

  4. Frank Turner – 'Redemption' (Live at Lost Evenings night 1)

  5. Beans on Toast – 'Afternoon in the Sunshine' (XMROB1 session)

  6. Will Varley – 'As For My Soul' (Live from the main stage)

  7. Frank Turner – 'Jet Lag' (Live solo acoustic at Lost Evenings night 3)

  8. Skinny Lister – 'Devil In Me' (Live from the main stage)

  9. Non Canon – 'Home Alone 3' (XMROB1 session)

  10. Rob Lynch – 'Tectonic Plates' (XMROB1 session)

  11. Ducking Punches – 'Sobriety' (XMROB1 session)

  12. Ben Marwood – 'Nights' (XMROB1 session)

  13. Frank Turner – 'Journey of the Magi' (Live at Lost Evenings night 4)

Lost Evenings took place on 12–15 May at the Roundhouse in Camden with Frank Turner headlining an evening bill curated by Frank and OneFest, as well as satellite performances in other venues called Last Minutes. The last day of the festival was Radio 1's Huw Stephens' Label of Love for Xtra Mile and featured only Xtra Mile artists including Skinny Lister, Will Varley, Ben Marwood, Ducking Punches and Non Canon. The award-winning festival returns in May 2018. Limited four-day passes for the 2018 edition sold out in 15 minutes.


Get Better – A Film About Frank Turner will be streamed on 10 and 11 June in the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Australia on demand at

Get Better is now also available to preorder on DVD, released 30 June 2017. Preorder through Xtra Mile here. The shop also has a bundle with the photo book by Matt Nasir of The Sleeping Souls, Photosynthesis: A Year in the Life of the Frank Turner Touring Family which you can preorder here.

Bonus features on the DVD include an acoustic set and Q&A between Frank, director Ben Morse, and journalist Hugo Rifkind from the film's premiere in London's Leicester Square in 2016.

Filmmaker Ben Morse spent a year trailing one of the most hard-working musicians currently operating and what emerges is a raw, insightful portrayal of an underground hero. A close friend of Turner, Morse originally intended to capture Turner and his band, The Sleeping Souls, in constant motion only to discover a man facing up to his demons, forced to pause touring for the first time in his career.

Get Better – A Film About Frank Turner includes never-before-seen footage from friends, family and fans across the world as well as extensive interviews with Turner and his band as they contemplate what drives a man to stay on the road and the effect that has on his life and those around him. Turner has been one of the breakthrough artists of the millennium, emerging from his punk-rock roots to become a rock icon to diehard fans all over the world. In 2015, everything came to a head as Turner slipped off the wagon and confronted the commercial pressures of mainstream success.

Frank will be supporting Jason Isbell on the road beginning September 1st.

Frank Turner’s full list of upcoming tour dates can be found here

SEPTEMBER 2017 (w/ Jason Isbell)

01 Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre              
02 Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre              
05 Moorhead, MN @ Bluestem Amphitheater              
07 Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheater             
08 Salt Lake City, UT @ Red Butte Garden          
09 Missoula, MT @ The Wilma Theatre         
11 Portland, OR @ Keller Auditorium           
12 Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre       
15 Jacksonville, OR @ Britt Pavilion      
16 Oakland, CA @ Fox Theatre       
17 Los Angeles, CA @ Orpheum Theatre          
20 Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre   
23 Dallas, TX @ The Bomb Factory          
24 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Criterion     
26 Baton Rouge, LA @ Baton Rouge River Center           
27 Mobile, AL @ Saenger Theatre             
29 Charlotte, NC @ Ovens Auditorium          
30 Charlotte, NC @ Ovens Auditorium   / Twitter @frankturner /


Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. returns with a double A-side single inspired by the imminent UK election and the global political events that shocked 2016. ‘Optimist’ / ‘National Health’ will be released digitally on 2 June 2017 through Xtra Mile Recordings. Preorder the single via Xtra Mile or on iTunes.

It’s Get Cape’s first release in four years, although the man behind the moniker, Sam Duckworth, has never really been away. From then until now he has been recording and releasing music under his own name (most recently releasing the solo album Kingdoms earlier this year) and under the guise of Recreations with the fantastic socially-conscious album Baby Boomers 2 released April 2016 – both on Xtra Mile Recordings. 

And now, feeling the force of a ground-swelling movement for change, Get Cape is riding a wave of optimism. In his own words:

"'Don’t let the people make you think, that just because you’re young, you’re useless.' I wrote those words back in 2006, when I was young – now I’m a little older, I still believe them. A funny thing is happening, a new generation of thinkers and, crucially, doers is coming through. Ones who weren’t old enough to vote in 2015. Alongside them is a wide range of people compelled to vote for the first time. Regardless of the result of this election, there will be an unprecedented turn out of first-time voters.

"Being a political artist has been a strange journey, one that saw my optimism plummet due to a wide range of factors. The question 'where are the political bands' right now is redundant: they are everywhere. For ten years I wrestled with this very thing. Tagged as a political artist, I noticed the optimism morph into cynicism. Whilst musically I was improving, lyrically I was sounding down. Truth be told, I was down too. 

"It’s urban fact that once you hit your 30s, you stop caring about what people think of you and once again I am a cliché. Turns out I’m always going to be 'naive'. There is a belief in the air that positive change is possible, sadly as a result of international negative change, but there is at least hope. Where there is hope there is action, where there is action there is change. 

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. is an anti-fascist, hopeful project. I have always been anti-fascist, but recently I’ve began to hope again. It’s good to be back. // Twitter @forgetcape // 

Chris T-T 'Best Of' Out 19 May 2017 // 20th Anniversary Shows // Watch New Video For 'English Earth'

May 2017 marks Chris T-T’s 20th anniversary making music, so let’s celebrate his 20 years of loyal dissent with a first-ever career retrospective: the imaginatively-titled, double CD Best Of, out 19 May 2017. Preorder it on the XMR online shop or via iTunes.

For the first time Chris will also compile his song lyrics into a book, published to coincide with its release. Disc 1 focuses on Chris’s most loved songs from over the years and disc 2 is a rarities collection of Chris’s favourite studio recordings that haven’t been released on CD before. Full tracklisting is below. Watch the new video for 'The English Earth', originally from 2001's The 253 album and featured on Best Of.

The same week in 1997 that Tony Blair came to power, Chris moved to London. Before the end of May he’d played his first solo gigs (Chris that is, not Tony) and self-released his debut 7” single.  

Shortly after, Chris home-recorded and self-released his debut album Beatverse – years before this became commonplace – on a MiniDisc four-track with no computer. Beatverse was barely distributed but won Chris label interest and Radio 1 plays from Steve Lamacq, who championed the song ‘Shit From All Angles’ on the Evening Session. By Christmas, Chris was guesting live on the show.

Over two decades since then, Chris T-T has been walking his own path, with visionary psych pop, startling humour and unflinching, sometimes discomforting, radicalism. He’s released ten solo albums to consistent praise and played over 2,300 shows worldwide. Ten years ago he joined the Xtra Mile Recordings family, signing in 2007 on the suggestion of fast-rising young singer and fan Frank Turner. He has released four albums with Xtra Mile: Capital (2008), Love Is Not Rescue (2010), The Bear (2013) and 2016’s 9 Green Songs

Charlie Caplowe, MD of Xtra Mile Recordings says this about Chris T-T and the Best Of release:
“From the very start it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Chris both in a business and social sense. We're really proud to have been along for the ride for at least half of his amazing 20 year career. Here’s to another 20!”

Chris is also doing a short run of ‘Best Of’ 20th anniversary concerts in the UK as well as playing his first appearance at the illustrious Cambridge Folk Festival. Full dates announced so far can be found here

Chris T-T Best Of tracklisting

Disc 1

  1. Dreaming of Injured Popstars
  2. Ownership
  3. The English Earth
  4. Shit From All Angles
  5. You Can Be Flirty
  6. Drink Beer
  7. Sellotape (Dawson's Creek)
  8. Eminem is Gay
  9. 7 Hearts
  10. Giraffes #1
  11. The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin'
  12. Preaching to the Converted
  13. (We Are) The King of England
  14. A Box To Hide In
  15. Market Square
  16. Elephant In the Room
  17. The Bear
  18. Gulls
  19. Love Me, I'm A Liberal (full band version)

Disc 2

  1. The Idris Lung (1997 version)
  2. Cutler (7" version)
  3. A Hole Full of Submarines (band version)
  4. Tendon #3
  5. What if My Heart Never Heals? (7" version)
  6. Tomorrow Morning (7" version)
  7. N253 (band version)
  8. Decksweep
  9. The Headcold Bit of the Winter
  10. 100,000 Turkeys
  11. Back in the U.S.S.R.
  12. Bored of the War
  13. You Can't Stop the Machine
  14. In the Dressing Room
  15. A-Z (Xtra Mile High Club piano version)
  16. Nintendo (piano version)
  17. Words Fail Me (acoustic version)
  18. The Outer Darkness Theme (with Gill Sandell)
  19. Dancing On My Own
  20. 31 Pills (band version)

Still busy as ever, in the past year Chris has released grief-stricken ecology record 9 Green Songs (sequel of sorts to 2005’s 9 Red Songs), been sole musician (piano accompanist) on the Jim Bob (Carter USM) album Jim Bob Sings Again, completed a set of narrative folk ballads as Creative Fellow at the National Trust Workhouse, Southwell, and played more guest piano on fellow Xtra Mile artist Non Canon’s self-titled debut. Meanwhile his weekly late night folk music show Midnight Campfire on Sussex radio station Juice 107.2 has a growing loyal following.

Sonic Boom Six - New Single

Manchester’s SONIC BOOM SIX are set to release their brand new single ‘Karma Is A Bitch’ on 17th June through Xtra Mile Recordings. The single will be released digitally backed by a couple of brand new b-sides (details below). The band will also be appearing at a host of festivals over the summer of 2013.

Photo By XMTV.

Full single track listing:

1)  Karma is a Bitch
2) A Little Bit of Reggae 
3) Virus (Acoustic Version)

Their recently released, brilliant self-titled album was produced and mixed by Peter Miles (Futures, We Are The Ocean, The King Blues), and massively built on the band's previous reputation for progressive, genre-hopping punk rock, by adding contemporary electronica, crushing rock riffs, huge vocal hooks and anthemic song-writing to the mix. It’s a HUGE step forward in every aspect for the band, and one that will rightfully establish them as one of the most exciting new/old prospects in the UK.


Laila K - Vocals  
Barney Boom – Vocals 
Nick Horne - Guitars 
James T Boom - Bass and Synths 
Neil ‘Macca’ McMinn - Drums and Samples