Welcome to the Xtra Mile Recordings Street Team! We are dedicated to promoting the label and their incredible bands, spreading the word about new releases, and connecting with other fans around the world.

If you already know you want to be a part of this, sign up here.

As members of the XMrmy (Xtra Mile army, get it?), street teamers can:

  • complete promo missions online and in the real world
  • directly support the artists (and label!) they love in a new way
  • earn points for what they do and turn those in for free goodies
  • interact with other fans around the world
  • and much more

Joining a street team:

  • allows fans to be more involved in the growth of an artist
  • gives hands on marketing experience
  • allows fans to build their network
  • is a great start to one's CV/resume

What about after I sign up?

After you sign up you’ll be receiving email updates from the street team. These will include news on our artists and missions you can participate in. When you complete a mission, you’ll send screenshots of your work in exchange for points. The more active you are with the street team, the more you’ll earn. The more you earn, the quicker you’ll get free stuff from us as a thank you for all your hard work!

Types of missions:

Currently there are two main kinds of missions, both based online. There are long, regular missions where you get at least a week to work on promoting the artist in hand; and there are “flash missions” which only last a few days. In the past we’ve also had the street team weigh in on important things going on with XMR, giving fans a chance for their opinions to be heard. In the future we hope to get you guys involved in more offline, “real world” missions.

Here are some mission examples featuring some of your favourite bands to give you an idea of what's expected:

Mongol Horde

Oxygen Thief

Chris T-T


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