Valentine's Day 2015: 

How music brings us together


You know what we're sick of here at Xtra Mile Recordings? That's right: killjoys. Being anti-Valentine's is all really cool and hip and rebellious when you're 15 and no one wants you, but whatever your marital status (post-early teens), everyone enjoys being loved. You don't have to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate connecting with people; we do it every day. Speaking for us here at Xtra Mile, most of our favourite people - including spouses, partners, lovers and best friends - have materialised in our lives as a result of some spark over music. Whether it's been at a show, bonding over a song or album, realising during a candle-lit music night just how much taste you have in common; all of these and more are reasons to celebrate the natural collusion of music and love.

Of course, sometimes things go wrong and bad - sometimes in a funny way, sometimes just in a bad way - but we can hopefully make light of those things, or at least by sharing, we can help you get through it. It's easier to get these things off of your chest anyway. And music is the great healer. Way better than that time stuff. That takes too long.

A bunch of you were kind enough to share your musical connections, and so we give them out for all to see here. Let's get in a really positive and FUN place for everyone single and non-single on this loving Saturday. People are the best.

Xtra Mile's love stories

But first! Some Xtra Mile types tell us of the love moments they've experienced at their gigs and on their travels. Along the way, enjoy our specially created Xtra Mile Recordings Valentine's Day memes to gift the music fan of your choice. We've also compiled a love and friendship-orientated playlist too. 

Aren't we the nicest to you? Don't we deserve your love? YOU SHOULD LOVE US! LOVE US!!!:

Jon Snodgrass/Dry the River

"We've had several folks say they have met at our shows and we've had a few proposals there too. We have been asked to play a lot of weddings too, which seems weird. We think most of  our songs are appropriate for a divorce."

Ralph Pellymounter (To Kill A King)

"They proposed halfway through 'Bloody Shirt', which was her favourite song, we stopped playing and he got on stage to pop the big question. Lovely couple! And the lad bought us all whiskey afterwards. That's a quick way to my heart, anyway."

The iconic Trudy.

The iconic Trudy.


Colin MacIntyre (Mull Historical Society)


"On the surreal end of the scale…I had a couple get engaged at my MHS show on Valentines Day 2004 inside 'Trudy', my 15 ft version of the Mull dog in wig art (as graced on the front of the Best Of album). It happened at a Mull show in Glasgow Uni's QMUnion.

I sometimes take the dog on tour and play keyboards in it (as you do) and the fan wanted to ask the big question sitting in the dog (or 'dug' as they say in Glasgow). Anyway, main thing is the girl said Rrrruff, I mean YES!

The moment was captured in an article written from another fan on the night (but no need to read through as it only says a line or two about the big moment).

The 'groom' got in touch recently, all is still well."



Rob Lynch

"Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I personally think Valentine's Day is a load of commercial rubbish and that if you love someone, then you should tell them every day. Although, I do like being bought those chocolate heart-shaped lollipops that they sell at a popular high street confectionery chain (Hang on. We've heard this sort of thing before. Is this....a hint Rob? - XMR).

2014 saw me discover a new hobby which I named 'standing in the way of love'. What started as a friend taking a picture of me (for a giggle) standing in front of an amorous couple who were fornicating in a booth at the Wetherspoon's on Charing Cross Road, turned into a multi-continental crusade to photobomb those who simply can't refrain from showing desire for each other in public. There was also a (very) limited run 2015 calendar.

Here is a small selection of my conquests but for more, simply search #standinginthewayoflove on Instagram. Feel free to post your own. Kisses and hugs.x"

A selection of Rob's favourite 'standing in the way of love' moments. Follow that #standinginthewayoflove !

A selection of Rob's favourite 'standing in the way of love' moments. Follow that #standinginthewayoflove !

Skinny Lister

"It all began on our 'Homemade' tour where we visited each of the Skinnies' home towns to play gigs and record an EP in living rooms, pubs and hotels with friends and family. Marie-Clare came along to the gig in Bridlington, the place where Dan was born and bred. We sang, we danced and we drank, and we drank and we drank! Rum mainly, by the flagon. Anyway, it was this day when Marie-Clare decided that Skinny Lister was her favourite band. We didn't hear much from her after that day until we found a message in our inbox from a young fellow eager to surprise his favourite lady who apparently couldn't stop singing the band's praises. He found a gig we were playing at (in Hemel Hempstead of all places) and decided that this is where he would pop the question. It was a fantastic night and again, lots of alcohol consumed...lots of rum and this time champagne too, as she said yes.

Later we were struggling to come up with a good video idea for our more 'romantic' song 'Plough and Orion' until we had a brainwave...we'd throw a surprise romantic dinner for Peter and Marie-Clare on the top of a mountain. We contacted them to see if they'd be interested and, guess what - they were! We carried everything up and counted our blessings that the sky was blue (cos it was bloody freezing)! Anyway, eventually they arrived, after a rather strange treasure hunt, to a cold dinner on the top of a very cold mountain. They were great sports though and even this didn't put them off the band as they later went on to give their first son the middle name Lister."

Here's the video:

Your love and friendship stories

You've made it this far! We must be ready to go the distance. Here are your contributions to our Valentine's Day story time. We do hope you enjoy. And don't forget to spoil your beloved or your best buddies EVERY DAY. A connection is not just for one day a year. Well, SOME are but that's not what we're really talking about here... 

DISCLAIMER: Posts and tweets have been edited for clarity, and to make you look smarter.

From Facebook:

Sophie Walden: Never been to a gig on a date but I'm currently travelling South East Asia (and then the USA in a few months) and have packed both my Frank Turner hoodie and tee with the thought that if I meet someone (hopefully a single, attractive man ) who is also a fan, it's a great conversation starter. 4 months in I've only met one person though and they were a bit too young!
Hey! You're trying, you know what you want, and you have great taste in attire, Sophie! SE Asia is an amazing place to travel too. Enjoy it! We particularly liked Phong Nha Farmstay in central Vietnam! Caves! Adventure! Lots of insects! - XMR

Fraser McGowan: "My first date with an ex was Jamie Lenman in December 2013. Gig and date went well, even though relationship didn't last. Funnily enough Reuben ended up getting me through the end of that relationship as well as I revisited Racecar Is Racecar Backwards. I would gladly see Jamie Lenman again. Her on the other hand...
At least you got to share some moments with someone awesome...Jamie, we mean. He's ace! - XMR

Marie Frost: "Rose & Jake ? Hasn't Frank and Reuben been there the entire journey so far for you two!?"
Rose Windsor: Haha pretty much! Since Frank went solo in 2005!
XMR: Want to share more ?
Rose Windsor: Sure! Our first two gigs as a couple were Million Dead at Gloucester Guildhall and then Frank Turner at the Hub (not this one! - XMR HUB editor) in Cheltenham! We have signed poster and photo evidence. Then have seen Frank numerous times in our 10-year relationship. A special one was on Jake's birthday, seeing Frank in the Union Chapel, Islington! Reuben is Jake's fave band. Ever. And he set up a FB group trying to bring back Reuben!
Long may you two enjoy the talents of two of our favourites together! - XMR

Rags Archer: I'd been seeing a fella for a couple of months when I invited him to a City & Colour gig. We met up, went for a drink somewhere in Camden where he then promptly dumped me. All the usual "its not you, its me" excuses. I still went to the show, 1.5 hours of heartfelt poignant love songs really didn't cheer me up. Bad timing dude. 
Agreed; he couldn't have chosen a less appropriate time. Still, it's a story, and you'll always have Dallas Green! - XMR

Kelsie Tetreau: Not a real date, but I was unexpectedly set up with a friend of a friend during pre-show drinks before catching Dave Hause and Bouncing Souls. He got super loaded and tagged along to the show. Mid-way through Dave's set, he groped my butt and drunkenly tried to kiss me. I had to push away and disappear into the crowd. Still enjoyed the show, though!
At least you enjoyed the gig (ah music, you never do us wrong) despite being accosted by an utter moron. Hopefully you'll have better luck and your friends might have better judgement next time. - XMR

Rhys Jones: I first met Frank Turner after his gig in Bangor in December 2012. I introduced my girlfriend to him as being second to him. She left me shorty afterwards. Ah, well. Haha. Hey! You are second to NO ONE in our eyes. Frank would tell you that, too. Stand up and be confident. Next time, remember to praise your friends and favourite musicians, but let them complement (and compliment!) your own good taste and charm too! - XMR

Andrew Rhone: My girlfriend and I have gone to a few concerts as dates, Hot Water Music was fun, almost got in a fight with a drunk guy before the show even started! All in all a great time. We'd rather not almost come to blows with someone at a gig, but as long as you and your partner enjoyed yourselves regardless, that's all that matters. Hot Water Music rule, by the way. - XMR


Rob Lanterman: She held hands with the drummer of the band we went to see. Nice!
Those drummers! Gotta keep your eye on them. - XMR

McLean Sinclair-Parry: Alex Pearson & Helen MacDougall you went for a date to see Frank Turner in Dunfermline with your 3rd wheel brother Henri Pearson?
Did they find someone for poor Henri at the gig? We should be told! - XMR

From Instagram:

@cherryhorror: First date with my boyfriend of five years was an acoustic Bowling for Soup gig. Great night for us but a drunk girl behind me kept trying to pull my dress off me, he turned round and yelled at her, it was true love, I was about to do the same #cheesyandviolent
True love is shouting at annoying idiots together x - XMR

@jueeeyy: I met my boyfriend at a Shinedown concert, we eventually started going out and we have nearly been together for two and a half years.  I write concert reviews and he does concert photography so we go to concerts together all of the time and it is lovely to have the same interests/music tastes. I interviewed Jamie Lenman at the Boileroom and he actually dedicated Rob's favourite song to him at the gig (without me asking, haha). Jamie, doing his bit for loveb (again!) - XMR

@cozmomeg86: No gigs yet, but @frankturner came on at Red Lobster which caused me to smile like a doofus and dance in my seat. My boyfriend thought I got that excited, because just as the song started the waitress laid out a basket of cheddar bay biscuits. Biscuits or Frank: The impossible choice? - XMR

@sxpxdxcx: One of the first dates I took my first wife on was to see Napalm Death & Godflesh on the US Grindcrusher tour back in 1991 (THIS IS AMAZING - XMR). She hated it. Same woman fell asleep at a Red Hot Chili Peppers show later in the same year. Those should have been bigger red flags in retrospect.. Well, sleeping at RHCP is perfectly acceptable. I can see how you were fooled. - XMR

@shaunjacquesuk: funnily enough I gave a ticket to a friend to see Frank Turner at the O2 last year with me. After that we decided to start a relationship which we'll be celebrating the anniversary of tomorrow :)
YES! This is a lovely story. We're glad that show was as special for you as it was for us! - XMR

@norman_legendary: took the girl i love to see Neutral Milk Hotel last fall and we were able to get right up front on the barrier. It was an amazing experience being able to treat someone by taking them to see their favorite band... but that night she got to meet Jeff Mangum and i'll never forget the smile on her face. 
Best. Boyfriend. Ever. - XMR

@lottie_lot: I was going to be 3rd wheel to my friend and her boyfriend at a local Reel Big Fish gig but her boyfriend brought one of his friends too. That friend has now been my boyfriend for exactly 6 months today. Happy days!
Almost makes all that ska you had to put up with worth it! - XMR

From Twitter:

@Charlanardo: took my other half to her first "intimate" show, seeing @thexcerts on their recent tour. Loved it! Those boys always get it right, as did you for taking her to see them. We'll never forget the Pav Tav (Brighton) chandelier destruction (it hit us on the head, and still we danced; we knew it was love). - XMR

@Blonde_Sazzle: @Xtra_Mile I guess Frank's gig at the O2 last year kinda counts as a date. it went well. We're together now. It was kind of a retrospective date. Are you with @shaunhacquesuk by any chance (look above ^) - XMR

‏@lllittlefox: @Xtra_Mile CUTE STORY TIME: my friend met her boyfriend at a gig, they both jumped up to catch the drumstick & they've been together 3 years. Awww, CUTE STORY TIME is our favourite. As long as they didn't bash heads jumping. - XMR

‏@martini_and_sin:  Met at a (his) gig, 1st date was someone else's, moved to LA to be with him, 5yrs together tho broke up since.
OH! It was going so well up until the end. Still, it sounds like a great 5 years. - XMR

@RichieLavery: @Rob_Escott @MeeelsOnWheels don't you guys exclusively date at music venues?
@MeeelsOnWheels: me and @Rob_Escott went to a Frank Turner gig for our first date & now it's 5 years on - spent last 2 anniversaries at 2000trees! in addition to that we spent last Valentines Day at a Frank Turner show & will spend this year at Beans On Toast…
Well, frankly, you're going to be together forever based on this joyous information! - XMR

Well, we're off to spend time with the ones we find best of all. We hope you are too. Whatever you get up to this weekend, stay safe and have fun. Please do keep sending us your stories and we'll try to put them up here. Do it via Facebook, Twitter @Xtra_Mile, Instagram, and email on contributions{at}xtramilerecordings[dot]com. Happy Valentine's everybody! xxx