The Fear & Foreboding of 'Heaven Forbid'

Top Ten Reasons To Watch The New Video by The Lion & the Wolf

- 05/09/2016 -


It’s a little early for Hallowe’en but fear is for all year round. The new video for 'Heaven Forbid' by The Lion and the Wolf shows that the band has teeth, as well as willing to create an atmosphere for a new album that deals with difficult subjects.

Luke Bridgeman was once again behind the camera, after previously working with The Lion And The Wolf (Thomas George) on 2015's 'Ghosts On Trinity' video. The video itself was filmed solely in the Ventnor / Bonchurch area on the Isle of Wight. using two local pubs and the silent night time streets of Bonchurch to build on the eerie feel. Daniel Trevenna plays 'The Suit' – already menacing enough, before you realise how he’s dealing with his guests at ‘The Cardiac Hotel’. We hope you’re all good at chess. 

'Heaven Forbid' comes from The Lion And The Wolf's second album, 'The Cardiac Hotel' out on 07 October 2016. Preorders are now available on CD, LP and download with digital orders receiving the track ‘Find The Time’ instantly. Preorder from our shop now.

We’ve picked out our top 10 favourite moments from the video. Look!

1.     The beginning: a flickering neon sign, almost by itself enough to ward any sane traveller away from the dark portal of hell that no doubt exists within the walls of this motel.

2.      0.13 – in case you don’t realise what we’re dealing with, 13 unlucky seconds in and some poor chaps head is blurring in terrifying fashion.

3.      From just after the first chess game to 1.50 – ALL of the expressions. There is some superb subtle acting happening here. Whether it’s Thomas’s look of consternation or the nodding acceptance of the barman with his dapper beard, there’s a lot to drink in from just a twitch of an eyebrow or a shake of the head. Pay close attention.

4.      0.46 – in stark white, bold lettering, the title of the video impacts the screen like the title sequence of Cabin In The Woods, or any number of horror classics. We know what territory we’re in now, and it’s neither Kansas nor anywhere else we’d want to find ourselves…

5.      1.18 – that smirk, almost a broken grin, and as it’s still the most we’ve seen of Trevanna’s face, we’re not much looking forward to seeing what he’s capable of.

6.      2.05 – the lighting here is tremendous; far too bright upon Trevanna’s visage, amber almost golden refraction on the wall, and the shadow that follows him as he walks away.

7.      WHY WOULD YOU FOLLOW HIM THOMAS? At 2.49, we see a very brief shot of both men illuminated under the trees. Beautiful cinematography.

8.      2.56-2.58 The slow head turn. You knew it was coming. What with Trevanna’s face in shadow, it lends a really creepy aura to the whole situation.

9.      3.25 – a rather...erm...interesting angle which frames 'The Suit' with Thomas’s legs as we face the entrance of the cave

10.  3.37 – the inevitable fade to red. ARRRRGHHHHHHH!!

"I hadn't really thought about it until now, but perhaps it's a reflection of how tempted I have been in the past to put music aside and go get a normal 'suit' job" said Thomas.

"We had such a good time making the video with Luke. Luke is a very talented director and we had such a good time doing 'Ghosts on Trinity' it made sense to use the same team as before."

Second album, 'The Cardiac Hotel' was expedited and creatively driven by Thomas's dad getting sick, the songs pouring forth as they tend to do when a loved one's future is uncertain. It's hard not to listen to The Lion And The Wolf's second album and not feel a little of that seismic shift yourself. If you don't feel it in the billowing organ chord that begins 'Don't Fail Me Now', then it'll fill you on 'My Fathers Eyes'. The reverb weight blurring the edges, seemingly disintegrating Thomas's voice, brings pathos to the urgent, searing sounds that brew underneath.
Violins, brass and lyrics that break upon the softest ears and hearts like waves, particularly on 'The Pinching Point' (“All the time struggled to breathe, now she doesn't have to grieve at the finish line”), while pianos and seething strings seem to bellow over the gentle finger picking and clicking drums on closer 'Find the Time'. 

It feels fragile while wrapping itself in strength of heart, a certain courage needed to bare the soul or strip down to honesty. The Cardiac Hotel is still warm though, never feeling disconnected from the listener, probably because of the lack of digital interference. And that's important because The Lion and the Wolf is all about intimacy and understanding.

You'll never be alone with The Lion and the Wolf, and you'll never have to feel that way now you're part of the pride and pack. 

1. Don’t Fail Me Now
2. Heaven Forbid
3. My Father’s Eyes
4. The Hospital Floor
5. Walk On The Moon
6. The Pinching Point
7. Barstools
8. December
9. Past The Point Of Fair
10. Witness
11. Find The Time