Skinny Lister's video Q & A - the band answer your questions!


Skinny Lister released their second album Down On Deptford Broadway this week - which you should seriously consider getting on CD, limited eidtion coloured vinyl or download from Xtra Mile's digital shop or perhaps you'd prefer the vinyl or CD from Banquet Records, CD or vinyl from Amazon, or simply download from iTunes. If you're not yet convinced this is a record you need, try listening and watching the videos for 'Cathy' and 'What Can I Say?'. 

While on a stint at SxSW, playing their usual riotous shows, Skinny Lister took some time out from a busy partying schedule to answer some of your questions. And they did it in video form for all of you to enjoy! Why not stick on the record, settled down with a cup of tea (or rum, whatever your tipple) and watch the video for insight into their world.

Hey! Did you like that? If so, let us know! Who else would you like to see in a video format answering your questions? Is there another way we could do this that you'd prefer? Give us feedback and we will do our best to figure out the most suitable response! Get at us on Facebook, Twitter @Xtra_Mile, and email on contributions[at]xtramilerecordings[dot]com.