Seán McGowan Knows Everybody

- 10/07/2017 -

We try not to make a habit of signing people who keep hanging out with us, but we've done it with Barry of Oxygen Thief and Non Canon fame, and now we've gone and done it with Seán McGowan. It was another of those situations where he's spent so much time with our bands and friends that people just automatically assumed he was on the label. Not so. Until now. You can preorder his first EP, Graft & Grief, over here. It's available on silver vinyl, CD and download out 8 September 2017. Listen to new song 'Costa Del Solution' somewhere below.

Basically, Seán somehow knows everyone so we thought we'd raid his photo collection and find out a little more about the people he's met and how it's helped him end up here. You'll be hearing more from this lad soon enough....

Frank Turner, Cookie Cutter (top left)

"Someone had made a biscuit/cake to celebrate the Joiners' victory (winning NME's Best Small Venue 2013). Frank headlined and I supported the show. The cake was presented and he was asked to cut it. The picture speaks for itself really. If you give two 'fruitcakes' a big biscuit and a knife it's gonna end in one of Mary Berry's nightmares. Tasted great, mind."

Emos R Us with Sam Duckworth and Rob Lynch (top middle)

"I believe this was in Glasgow, across the road from the Hug and Pint venue. We're all fairly emo, I reckon. We all have our moments. But, I think I might just top it with my emotional tantrums. I've known them both for bloody ages now. Sam first, then he introduced me to Rob."

All the gang vocals are here at Skinny Lister (top right)

"Ah shit - I stage invaded and sang on just about every song that night. It was at the Garage (Holloway Road, London) at Skinny's biggest (at the time) ever headline show. I was 'teching' for them. Tuning guitars and hanging out essentially. I have a feeling this was 'John Kananka'. I feel like I've been pretty well accepted though they may disagree! Ha! I first met Jay (Beans on Toast) years ago. He introduced me to Strummerville. Then I met Frank and did some shows. Then I first met Skinny Lister when I toured with them. It was love at first sight with each of them. Well, for me anyway. Haha!" 

Seán and Lorna dancing up a storm (bottom left)

"I'd had a fair amount from the flagon. I would argue the six pints before the show might have been a bigger influence on my dance moves though. This photo was from their biggest show to date at the Scala. I wasn't on the tour with them on that run, just hanging out and making the place look untidy. But, every time we all get together you can bet on a good drinking/dancing session!"

Seán and Will in Sleep is for the Weak (bottom middle)

XMR: Did you actually get any sleep that night? 
"Haha! Yeah we did actually. That was after Will, Skinny and Frank did Ally Pally. Last show of the tour so had a few drinks, played a few a songs and had a little spoon...apparently. Ha. I'm a massive fan of Will's music. I also regard him as a good friend. He will ALWAYS write incredible songs, that's a given. I find the way he tours, thinks about shows and organises himself the most inspiring. He's got it locked down. And that's why he is so great and so consistently on the road."

Seán and Max's festival haircuts (bottom right)

"This was at Leeds Festival. They were doing free haircuts by catering. So Max and I couldn't resist. I had to lie and say I was in Skinny Lister. But, it's not the first or last time I'll tell that particular lie. Ha!"

XMR: Basically, you seem to have met most of the XMR roster. Was this by accident or very much on purpose? 

"All part of my master plan to make XM fall in love with me! It was actually by accident. Just over time paths cross and you end up meeting everyone from a certain scene. I was aware of and / or friends with loads of 'em before they actually signed to XM. I guess good people gravitate towards each other...and then XM catch 'em in a big net!"

How do you feel your music fits in snugly with other XMR artists? 

"I do think I'm very different to anyone else on the roster. I'm not sure there's anyone in there quite as 'chavvy' as me, haha! But I think there's a big cross over. I'm fortunate being able to switch between solo and full band. I guess musically we ALL play a lot of 'G' chords. So that's pretty snug."

There will be a lot of XMR fans out there who might not yet have checked you out. What do you want to say to assure them you're great?

"I would like to say this. I've spent a lot of money bribing your favourite artists to be my friends over the years. And even more money bribing XMR to sign me. So the very least you can do is check me out...surely? Please...? I jest, of course...I'm skint. I think there's a good chance you might be into some of the stuff I do. If you're a fan of XMR then you're a proper music fan anyway. You'll constantly be checkin' out new stuff. And, you're probably gonna see me on the road with a bunch of your favourite artists so it's always worth getting a head start, innit." 

What are you most looking forward to now you're officially part of the XMR family?

"I'm looking forward to it all, really. Just eager to get going. Which we do in September on my largest full band tour. Hope to see you guys there!"

September 2017 tour dates are below. Grab tickets on our gigs page.

8 Manchester @ Jimmy's
9 Nottingham @ Bodega
14 Bristol @ Exchange
15 London @ Sebright Arms
16 Southampton @ The Loft

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