16 For 16: Xtra Mile playlists (XMR Nerd Sessions)

Choose 16 songs from 16 years of releases – here’s some of ours!

- 02/03/2019 -

As we’ve probably told you a few times by now, it’s Xtra Mile Recordings’s 16th birthday - our label is almost an adult!

A fun game we thought you’d might like to play is to scour our enormous discography and put together playlists of 16 tracks for 16 years. You can be fast and loose with the rules, as we have. Brad, for example, decided to try his best to stick to one track from each year. However, he managed to choose two for a few of them because decisions are not always his strongest suit. Charlie skipped a couple of years and put several on one. Dani also doubled up. We’re not sure exactly how Anthea’s works at all, but we’ll let her do her thing.

Up for the challenge? Then click the link for our mostly-complete and almost-accurate discography to remind yourself what year things were released and then pick tracks from your favourite releases. Put them into a Spotify playlist for us, and tag with #XMR16. Share them among your friends, XMR fans or not!

Find our mostly-complete discography here.

And now, here are the staff lists!

Charlie Caplowe

2003 Million Dead - Smiling At Strangers on Trains [A Song To Ruin]
2004 Reuben - Freddie Kreuger [Racecar Is Racecar Backwards]
2005 Million Dead - Living the Dream [Harmony No Harmony]
2006 Frank Turner - This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the One of Me [Campfire Punkrock]
2007 Dartz! - Once, Twice, Again [This Is My Ship]
2008 Sonicflyer - Sun In My Pocket [Sun In My Pocket]
2008 A Silent Film - You Will Leave a Mark [single release]
2011 The Xcerts - Young (Belane) [Scatterbrain]
2011 Frank Turner - I Still Believe [England Keep My Bones]
2012 Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun - Song About Death [Death]
2013 Glossary - Trouble [Long Live All of Us]
2014 Against Me! - True Trans Soul Rebel [Transgender Dysphoria Blues]
2015 Skinny Lister - Cathy [Down on Deptford Broadway]
2016 Esmé Patterson - Feel Right [We Were Wild]
2017 ?
2018 Brand New Friend - Girl [Seatbelts For Aeroplanes]
2019 Johnny Lloyd - Next Episode in 15 Seconds [Next Episode in 15 Seconds]

Dani Cotter

2003 Million Dead - I Am the Party [A Song To Ruin]
2004 Reuben - Stuck In My Throat [Racecar Is Racecar Backwards]
2005 Million Dead - To Whom It May Concern [Harmony No Harmony]
2006 Frank Turner - Vital Signs [download single]
2007 Dartz! - Fantastic Apparatus [This Is My Ship]
2008 Chris T-T - A Box to Hide In [Capital]
2009 Crazy Arm - Tribes [Born To Ruin]
2010 Straight Lines - Versus the Allegiance [Persistence In This Game]
2011 Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared [England Keep My Bones]
2012 future of the left - sheena is a t-shirt salesman [the plot against common sense]
2013 Larry and His Flask - Pandemonium [By the Lamplight]
2014 Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues [Transgender Dysphoria Blues]
2015 Esmé Patterson - The Glow [Woman To Woman]
2016 Skinny Lister - Wanted [The Devil, The Heart & The Fight]
2017 Counterfeit. - For the Thrill of It [Together We Are Stronger]
2018 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - Animate [Young Adult] / Seán McGowan - Springhill [Son of the Smith]
2019 Trapper Schoepp - Drive-Thru Divorce [Primetime Illusion] / Skinny Lister - My Distraction [The Story Is…]


2004 Reuben - Let’s Stop Hanging Out [Racecar Is Racecar Backwards]
2006 Dartz! - St. Petersburg [Racecar Is Racecar Backwards]
2008 Chris T-T - A-Z [Capital]
2008 - A Silent Film - Julie June & 13 Times the Strength [The City That Sleeps]
2009 Crazy Arm - Still to Keep [Born To Ruin]
2010 Far - Deafening [At Night We Live]
2010 Straight Lines - Versus The Allegiance [Persistence in this Game]
2011 I Am the Avalanche - Avalanche United [Avalanche United]
2011 Chris T-T - Words Fail Me [Love Is Not Rescue]
2012 The Riverboat Gamblers - Comedians [The Wolf You Feed]
2013 Chris T-T - The Bear [The Bear]
2013 Fighting Fiction - Enabler [The Long and Short of It]
2013 Crazy Arm - Oh Death/Hell To Pay [The Southern Wild]
2013 Jamie Lenman - Fizzy Blood [Muscle Memory]
2015 Franz Nicolay - Marfa Lights [To Us, The Beautiful!]
2015 Skinny Lister - Cathy [Down on Deptford Broadway]
2016 Ducking Punches - God Damn Coward [Fizzy Brain]
2016 Chris T-T - #WorstGovernmentEver [9 Green Songs]
2016 Against Me! - Haunting, Haunted, Haunts [Shape Shift With Me]
2016 Saint Leonard’s Horses - Rise Up [Good Luck Everybody]
2017 Counterfeit. – You Can’t Rely [Together We Are Stronger]
2018 Oxygen Thief - I Used to Be Elephants [Confusion Species]
2018 Brand New Friend - Hate It When You Have To Go [Seatbelts For Aeroplanes]
2018 Larry and His Flask - Ellipsis [This Remedy]
2019 Skinny Lister - 38 minutes [The Story Is…]

Brad Barrett

2003 Million Dead – The Rise and Fall / Pornography For Cowards [A Song To Ruin]
2004 Reuben – Moving to Blackwater [Racecar Is Racecar Backwards]
2005 Million Dead – Sasquatch / Living the Dream [CD single]
2006 Frank Turner – Vital Signs [download single]
2007 Dartz! – Laser Eyes / Network! Network! Network! [This Is My Ship]
2008 Chris T-T – Where Were You? [Capital]
2009 The Xcerts – Crisis in the Slow Lane [In the Cold Wind We Smile]
2010 Dive Dive – Pod People (Potential) / Chris T-T – Stop Listening [Love Is Not Rescue]
2011 Ben Marwood – Singalong [Outside, There’s A Curse]
2012 future of the left – robocop 4: fuck off robocop [the plot against common sense]
2013 Jamie Lenman – A Day in the Life [Muscle Memory] / Northcote – Counting Down the Days [Northcote]
2014 Against Me! – Fuckmylife666 [Transgender Dysphoria Blues]
2015 Skinny Lister –This City [Down on Deptford Broadway]
2016 Recreations – Shake It Off 2 [Digital Ghettos]
2017 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – Always [Adults / Always double AA single]
2018 Ducking Punches – Sobriety [Alamort] / Brand New Friend – Milk Chews / I Love You, Goodbye [Seatbelts For Aeroplanes]
2019 Skinny Lister – First Amendment [The Story Is…]