UK Frank fans show and tell

- Arena Tour 2014 -

- 27.02.13 -

Keep your eyes on this page as we add more of your Frank Turner 2014 tour stories and photos. And don't feel left out, Europe, you're great too. You'll get your own page to look at, as soon as you start sending things to us! Read on to see how...

Frank Turner fans tend to be some of the best in the world. Hey, don't be so modest! It's true. Look, you relate to the songs, you know how to enjoy yourselves, and you're always making sure you'll have all the best stories to tell. You're a really friendly bunch too, and that makes Frank's gigs into a communal experience - one to be shared, with everyone.

So, as we expected you'd do, you responded when we asked if you'd like to show us all how great a time you all had at Frank's humongous arena tour in February. Below we've compiled a number of photos and quotes from you all. Of course we still want loads more. There's plenty more stories to hear from everyone. We want submissions from everywhere in the UK and especially Europe - you mainlanders have just had one of the best nights ever and it's fresh in your minds. Send us your photos and tales and really try and capture what it's like to be among so many like-minded people, yelling along with each other as Frank and the Sleeping Souls soundtrack a night never to be forgotten. 

We'll update this page with new entries as they come in, so bookmark and share this page with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, wherever. Just let everyone know how much fun they could have next time we're all in town. Send your entries to this (rapidly flooding) inbox posthaste: contributions(@)

Here's part one of the 2014 Frank tour fan dairies:

Frank and the Souls’ gigs are as much about a community of like-minded individuals banding together as they are about the music. It’s a life-affirming thing to discover friendships that might otherwise not have existed if it wasn’t for a mutual appreciation of honest, no-nonsense lyricism and folk punk morality.

The community vibe that Frank and the Souls are known for transcends the barrier of venue size, with the power of those songs - that resonated perfectly in small sweaty back rooms and cramped noisy bars - flawlessly translating into an electric atmosphere in the colossal 20,000 capacity 02 arena.

Each gig is fuelled by the ‘friends and equals’ ethos and it’s an incredible feeling to know that for those few hours every person in the room, whatever type of room it may be, is invested in nothing more than dancing, drinking, singing and enjoying the company of those around them.
— Alex Viccars (photos: right, 1 - 4; gallery, 1) attended O2 London and Guildhall Winchester
No stories just three great gigs...although I nearly had to turn back on the way from Bath to Winchester due to storms, floods, road closures and vertical trees. Glad I made it in the end as it was a special night although a long journey home.
— Simon Borastan (photos: gallery, 2 - 5) attended Cardiff, Portsmouth and Winchester. Additional gallery photos (6 - 10) by Zoe Dear

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I had never been to one of his concerts before, although I am a huge fan. A few family members and mates had been before and had warned me that it would be amazing.

From the moment Frank came on stage, we didn’t stop dancing and singing all night. The atmosphere was brilliant. Afterwards me and my friends went to the back door and we were still buzzing. After a while Frank came out and stood around chatting to people signing autographs, photos etc. Even though it was freezing cold, pouring down with rain he stayed chatting. What a really nice man! He came over to us and we did a quick video for my 8 year old daughter (who is also a massive fan). My daughter thought it was cool. I was still buzzing days later absolutely friggin’ amazing.
— Amanda Gaynor, attended Plymouth.

John Wyles (Nottingham) - cropped.png

I thought i would share my story of incredibly good luck.
I was gutted when I didn’t get tickets to Frank’s homecoming show in Winchester (as many people were). I sent a friend to the Guildhall the morning tickets were on sale as well as trying online but, alas, the best we could do was get my name on top of the reserve list.

Bingo! Half twelve, on 14 February, I get an email from the lovely Debbie saying they’ve got two tickets for resale. I immediately call her and collect them later in the day, a couple of hour before doors! Not only was Frank on fire with his usual charm and incredible music but Will Varley provided excellent support and I have found a new music interest in him! One of the best days of my life and probably the best gig I’ve ever been to!
— Sarah Godfrey

“Took this snap during ‘Journey of the Magi’. Such a moment for me and many around us on the barrier in Nottingham. Truly encapsulating.”
— John Wyles, left photo

It was an incredible show, I was really positive surprised about the atmosphere he created in the O2 Arena!

I came all way from Austria to see him playing his biggest headline show and it really really worth it!

Both shows (small and big ones) are utterly fantastic, each one has their own magic and I love both!

I don’t get it why many call him sell out. I’m so fucking proud of what he reached!
— Greez Marzi, O2 photos in gallery below

Chicken invasion.jpg
Immediately, the hours of waiting outside (made more comfortable with new friends, bin bags, and fruit shoots) were justified with the barrier view of the chicken invasion (??) during Beans On Toast.
— Laura Pain, attended Plymouth, more photos in left gallery.
I will be the first to say that before the Frank Turner concert, I had never heard of Frank Turner. My boyfriend is a massive Frank Turner fan and recently got four tickets so asked if I wanted to go along. Of course I said yes, so travelled down to London despite the tube strikes and apocalyptic weather and I do not regret it. Hands down, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!

I imagined Frank would just be stood there singing, but no. He had so much energy and he was so engaging, it was amazing! I am now a huge fan and have spent the days since the concert listening to nothing but Frank Turner.
— Sarah Clarke

Photo by Rob Escott, attended Cardiff (first night of the tour).

Photo by Rob Escott, attended Cardiff (first night of the tour).

The community feel of Frank fans not only at the shows themselves, but outside them too, is a wonderful thing that you just don’t see anywhere else. From meeting old friends and making new ones in the queue outside Manchester Arena and being given somewhere to sleep after the O2 show, to being comforted by strangers during a song that made me cry in London, all set as examples of how wonderful Frank fans are.

The shows were amazing. Then again, Frank’s shows always are; only more people got to see them this time! The atmosphere at both the Manchester and London shows were incredible. The setlists were brilliant (that version of I Am Disappeared!!) and hearing thousands of people singing along and dancing meant unforgettable shows. Frank deserves all the credit he gets. He puts on shows that astound, despite the size of the room or crowd. A true master of his trade.

Good music and good friends. What more can a girl ask for?
— Sally Walker, Manchester photos, right (1 - 3)

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