Frank Turner UK/Europe Tour 2014 - O2 London photos by Gregory Nolan

- 21.02.14 -

We want your tour photos and tales too. Read on to find out how to send them to us so we can share them with everyone in a future XMR Hub feature.

Memories. We all have them and we all like to indulge in telling stories based around them. For arenas full of people across the UK, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls helped emblazon February 2014 as a time worth remembering. With the aid of support acts Flogging Molly and Xtra Mile's own Beans On Toast, there were incredible moments for everyone as they tore across the country. The magnificent Greg Nolan - pro photographer and videographer, Frank's friend, and Xtra Mile acolyte - captured a few moments of glory and spoke about his experience.    

"What is most impressive about the O2 show is more than just the fact that Frank has now played the largest indoor music venue in the country. It’s that he did it with as much joy and connection with the audience as he had in the early days in Nambucca. He can play 'The Ballad of Me and My Friends' and, while he’s outgrown the lyrics, the crowd is still right there with him, singing along. It’s a real testament to him as a musician and performer. He knows his fans, and - man - an arena show like this really proves that his fans know and love him and have stuck with him through his journey from tiny pubs to the arena floor."

We really feel Greg is correct when he says it's all of you who know and love Frank, and we have no doubt it's because of his ability to provide an evening you're never likely to forget. In that spirit, we here at Xtra Mile would really, really like to see some of your photos and stories from any of the shows on this tour. Whether it was the MEN (alright, "Phones4U" Arena - ugh), Portsmouth, Winchester or, indeed, the old Millennium Dome, send us your favourite snaps of the night, or tell us what happened to you and your gigging companions. 

We also want pics and scribblings from Europe while Frank is out singing along with you all. Anyone from The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Belgium - whether you've been or are about to go and see FT and the Souls play - please send us images and memories of your Frank Turner 2014 tour experience.

The crowd, the band, the man himself, your friends - whatever you capture, we'd love to see it. The ones we like most will appear here in a gallery for everyone else to see. If you send words, make it brief but fun - 250 words is more than enough. We can't put everything up, but we'll do our best to choose our favourites and hopefully we'll have a full set of UK and Europe tour tales.

Send all pics and words to: or simply click here

Frank gigs are imbued with community and we want to continue to build a full picture of what this family looks like, and specifically how they have a good time when Frank and the Sleeping Souls are in town.