Some Words
- Beans On Toast -
- 14.11.13 -

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Xtra Mile are 10 years old, they have a new website and some time ago they asked me to contribute to the website with some words. They said the words can be about anything I liked. I suggested I'd write about new things, I said I could shout out some new bands, talk about my new album maybe even touch on new years eve or the new world order.

As I said, that was some time ago making my words about new things late and old.

Can something that's late, still be new?
Are old things always late?
Can something be old and new at the same time?
Have I completely lost the point and started talking nonsense?


OK, sorry about that.

Where was I?

New bands....

I was lucky enough to be able to choose bands to open up the show on my recent tour. The tour was so bloody long I split it up between 3 different acts, all of whom are amazing for very different reasons, and all of whom

you should check out both from the videos below and also when they come to a town near you:

Timeless, thoughtful, clever and deep rooted folk singer in a great waistcoat
- website -

Gorgeous George
South London circus music and a completely original sound created by the huge characters that make up the band. - website

Sean Mcgowan
Southampton raised protest singer, young, ambitious and insightful.
- website -

When Xtra Mile asked me to write these words they said it shouldn't be exclusively about music, it could cover whatever was on my mind.

With that in mind I'd like to encourage everyone to watch this:

I'm not a skateboarder, but I am 100% behind the LLS campaign. London is my home and it feels as if lately the best bits are endangered. This skate spot is the tip of the iceberg, which makes it so important to be involved. This is presuming you give a shit about youth, culture, art and history of course.

I'm also gonna post this Russell Brand article. Yes, I know the Paxman interview has done the rounds but if you haven't seen it. Then do. Also take time out to read this article which goes deeper. I always thought of him as a bit of a dick to be honest, but since his recent behaviour and comments I've gone full circle. He's a fucking dude and he's banging the nail on the head right now.

I'm not sure how many words I'm supposed to write, but I guess I should wrap it up now. I hope Xtra Mile are happy, especially since they're releasing my new album on 1st December.

Giving Everything.

Beans on Toast. X


My new year eve gig is in Hemel Hempstead.